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It’s here – it’s finally here! September has arrived in all its (soon to be) Autumnal glory and I am living for it. I make absolutely no secret of the fact that I am an Autumn/Winter girl at heart. I love everything about it from the colours and the weather to the fashion and the holidays, and this year is going to be no exception.

I always get stupidly excited when the months start ending in ’ember’. It feels like countdown to the time of year I love the most (Christmas) and although I’m yet to partake in my usual September tradition which is drinking my first PSL of the year, I have bought a couple of pumpkin spiced scented candles from TK Maxx and today I made my first winter purchase: a new pair of boots.

uk fashion blogger lucy love

I’m not going to showcase them on the blog today, simply because I haven’t actually worn them yet but look out for an unboxing video coming to my Youtube channel in the next few days – you really don’t want to miss out on seeing these babies for the first time!

While I might not be wearing my new winter boots for this blog post, I am wearing a combination of some of my favourite Autumnal styling pieces including this amazing jumpsuit* I was gifted by the team at Miss Selfridge last year. Its the perfect AW styling piece – the colours are so seasonal, it’s big enough to layer things underneath but lightweight enough that you’re not going to get too hot, and it’s roomy enough to accommodate the inevitable food baby from all that tasty winter food.

How would you style a jumpsuit like this? Comment below and let me know!

Jumpsuit*: Miss Selfridge | T-Shirt: Topshop | Blazer: Zara | Shoes: Topshop

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uk fashion blogger lucy love

uk fashion blogger lucy love

uk fashion blogger lucy love

uk fashion blogger lucy love


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