I’ve seen a few people sharing a realistic, stripped back week in outfits type post recently and it inspired me to do the same. No photo shoots, no ‘proper camera’ – just me, my phone and whatever reflective surface I can grab a quick snap in while I go about my day.

I wanted to show you more of what I wear day to day because, while I do try and post daily to Instagram, sometimes its nice to have something a little less curated and not all of my outfits make it to my feed. Especially when they consist of joggers and a manky old t-shirt I’ve probably been wearing around the house for at least two days. (This very attractive sounding combination doesn’t actually feature in this blog post either but I can assure you it is quite the regular occurrence around Casa del Love)

So without further ado:


Monday was a chilled work day in Chester for me. On a Monday I like to try and smash through as much of my to-do list as possible to set myself up for a productive week, and I also like to try and shoot content before I head to reformer pilates in the afternoon. This Monday in particular I needed to shoot this t-shirt that I was very kindly gifted by the team at I Saw it First. I wanted to be comfortable too as the heat was pretty intense this day so I teamed it with my leopard print midi skirt that was also gifted by I Saw it First and my beloved Balenciaga Triple S trainers (sadly not gifted, although a girl can dream)

week in outfits


Tuesday was a very exciting day for me. It started off with work as normal and then a quick shoot before heading off to view a flat. Sadly the flat wasn’t the right one for me but it was good to get the ball rolling and start looking at properties again. It was another boiling hot day so I teamed this denim shirt (gifted from I Saw it First) with my favourite bermuda style shorts from H&M that I have been living in this summer and my Gucci trainers. In the evening, I treated the family to an evening at the theatre to see Book of Mormon. We stopped off at Dishoom in Manchester beforehand and had a lovely meal so I wanted to dress up a little more fancy. I teamed this little black dress (gifted by I Saw it First) with my new camel blazer from the Zara sale and my favourite Topshop Hunt boots. I’ve got a lot of time for these boots but not unfortunately for the dodgy zip at the back that insists on breaking again and again and again.

uk blogger Lucy Love UK blogger Lucy Love


Oh boy was I hungover on Wednesday. Your gal cannot drink like she used to any longer, and especially not prosecco but let me tell you, she tries her best. Wednesday was a work from home and nurse my hangover on the sofa kinda day but culminated in an unexpected but yet enjoyable trip to Cheshire Oaks in the afternoon with Mum. I wanted to be comfortable for the afternoon and the weather had turned a little so I threw on my all time favourite Topshop Editor Jeans and my black Levis t-shirt with my Zara blazer over the top and my Converse on my feet. Delightful.

week in outfits


Thursday dawned bright and clear and mercifully hangover free so it was back to regular programming with a trip into town to work. As per usual, the great British weather could not decide what it wanted to do so was hot but cloudy. I decided to play it safe and go with this black button down sun dress from H&M to keep cool with my Zara blazer over the top again to make sure I wasn’t too cool. On my feet were these gorgeous Topshop mules I grabbed in the sale earlier in the summer.

week in outfits


Ahh Friday, the best day! The day we look forward to all week and greet with open arms! You cannot imagine how pleased I was when Friday rolled around – I was so tired by this point! It was a work from home day as I’m sure you can tell from the picture. I spent most of the day focusing on client work with a brief respite for filming but I wanted to be comfy for the day therefore I threw on my DKNY slogan tee that Mum got me for Christmas along with my Calvin Klein joggers that I picked up from Cheshire Oaks recently!

UK blogger Lucy Love

So, I hope you guys have enjoyed a slightly more laid back post from me today! It kinda reminds me of the early days of blogging when things were a whole lot less polished and now I feel somewhat reminiscent for the early days. Let me know what you think of this style of post in the comments below and keep an eye out for more coming your way soon!

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