uk blogger lucy love The older I get, the more I seem to be gravitating towards simple outfits. I’m talking clean cut basics, lots of neutral colours and a real androgynous vibe. This is a stark contrast to how I used to dress a year or so ago – while I never favoured colour I loved to play around with different shapes and textures in my outfits, loved a slogan and wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of jeans.

How times change.

I have many inspirations for my current wardrobe choices – other bloggers who are absolutely smashing it with their social channels and putting together the most divine outfits. They’ve given me so many styling ideas, inspired so many purchases, and have really helped me to develop a clear idea of my style and the vibe that I want to portray as I get older and learn more about myself.

Take this outfit for example – I’d been wanting to put together a completely white outfit for a few weeks as I’d seen so many on Instagram that I’ve been heavily inspired by however it was after seeing this image over the weekend that I had a bit of a eureka moment. I realised that by wearing my camel coat over my shoulder I could break up the white and create a really interesting colour block while still embracing a completely tonal outfit.

I’m really enjoying learning more about my style and what really makes me tick – do you have any creators you find particularly inspiring?

Shirt: Stradivarius | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Coat: River Island | Bag: Burberry

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uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love


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