uk blogger lucy loveI read a book recently. Now this in itself is nothing surprising because I read a ridiculous amount of books per year as it is, but this was a self-help book and that certainly is something to shout home about. I hardly ever read self-help books or anything that doesn’t typically fall into the YA/YA Fantasy/Fantasy genres so this was very different for me.

I’ve been a bit like a broken record on here in recent months, sharing a lot about my journey to a better self through exercise and sorting out my mental health, and as a part of this I’m trying to broaden my horizons a little by reading some self-help books throughout the year.

I’ve always been somewhat sceptical about these books though, often wondering how much they can really change your life and how much is just a placebo effect. That was, until last year when I read a little book called The Secret that truly changed my way of thinking. When I started to apply the teachings in The Secret, I noticed my life begin to change for the better and it spurred me on to try it more and more. I manifested so many wonderful things and opportunities and genuinely felt much more positive about both life and myself until I inevitably fell off the wagon and back to my negative mindset.

uk blogger lucy love

I do actually have The Secret on my list to read again in the coming months, but that is not the book I’m going to discuss with you today. That book is a little known gem called ‘I Heart Me’ by Dr Phil Hamilton, and let me tell you it is genius. It is all about learning to love yourself for who you are, how to stop caring what people think of you, and how to stop holding yourself back in life through low self-confidence.

It also teaches you how to embrace your authentic self and honestly, I have never identified with a book on quite this level before. It felt like he was writing it directly to me, and it taught me so much about myself, my life and the way I react to things that I hadn’t realised before. Suddenly a lot of my past behaviours and reactions made sense and I feel like, through reading, it I have a much deeper understanding of myself as a person.

It’s funny to see how this impacts your daily life too, once you realise who you really are you come to realise how much of yourself you’ve hidden in the past or overcompensated for. One of my biggest learning curves has been how I present myself online these days vs how I used to even as recently as a year ago. I’ve already mentioned a few times that the first catalyst for change came when I moved back from London last year, and without realising it I think this was the first time I started to actively explore who I actually am. Before then however, without intentionally doing it, it was almost as though I’d put on an act online. Adopted a persona that certainly wasn’t the true and authentic ‘me’.

uk blogger lucy love

I have noticed a huge upward tick in growth on all my social media channels since I’ve started actually portraying myself as I am. No longer am I being grossly over enthusiastic in Youtube videos, no longer am I putting on an act or going out of my way to please others. Instead, I’m wearing what I want, I’m talking about things that genuinely interest me, in the manner that I would genuinely talk about them. I’ve found a style that suits me, a way of creating that suits me, and ultimately it’s making me feel a lot more grounded about who I am as a person.

As with all of these things, it is a work in progress and there are certainly times when I still feel less than confident in myself or my abilities, but I know I’m heading in the right direction and I’m so excited to see how this new-found mindset helps me to develop more as a person. I only wish I had read this book five years ago…

How do you think you portray yourself online? Are you truly authentic or do you think you have things you need to work on too? Let me know in the comments! Also if you want to grab a copy of the book, you can find it here (not spon or affiliate, just a really great recommendation).

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uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love



    • lucyjlove
      July 1, 2019 / 8:41 am

      I was so so sceptical of it before I read it, and actually ended up reading another of hers called The Magic before I tried The Secret. It was crazy because all these things that I was focusing positive energy on actually started to happen so I finally tried The Secret and it was honestly like discovering a whole new me. I’m annoyed at myself for falling off the wagon with it so I really need to re-read and refresh myself on it! xo

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