uk blogger lucy loveHey wardrobe – or hanging rail if we’re being specific – I know I put you through hell sometimes and definitely fill you with more stuff than I probably should and definitely don’t need, but I promise I’m going to do better this year, ok?

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m guilty of buying far too much stuff that I quite simply don’t need. I’ll see new trend items on Instagram or Youtube and feel the burning desire to possess that item, or I’ll be browsing online or in the shops and before I know it I’ll be £100 down. Don’t even get me started on Klarna, it is both a blessing and a curse.

Basically the short and short of it is that I’m a little addicted to shopping. Apparently the first step to recovery is by admitting the problem so here we go, I’m admitting it. I need an intervention – or y’know, to just use my willpower.

Since I moved home last year I had to drastically reduce my wardrobe. I’d gone from double fitted wardrobes to fit all my stuff in to one hanging rail and some drawers. Each season I have been really good, going through all my clothes and getting rid of items that weren’t worn or that I didn’t love anymore, but then I’d reward myself for getting rid of things I didn’t need by buying more things I didn’t need.

This year has been the year of sustainability and conversation around conscious shopping and therefore I have tried to be more aware of where and how I’m spending, however I’m still far from where I want to be in terms of my shopping habits and its time to make a big change.

I want to save for a house. I want to swap my car, and I can’t do either of these things if I’m spending 50% of my money each month on new clothes. It’s just not sustainable for my bank balance, let alone the environment.

I have tried to be more conscious of where I have been shopping, but I know I still rely a lot on fast fashion outlets such as Topshop, Zara and H&M. As I get older, I’m becoming more appreciative of quality items over trend pieces, items that I can invest in that will hold their value, and items that simply are going to stand the test of time and seasons, that I will wear on repeat and that will still be in my wardrobe in years to come. That’s not to say I won’t ever buy trend pieces again, I just want to limit the quantity of those pieces I buy, and where possible buy them from sustainable or conscious collections.

Recently I made my first purchases from Weekday and I’m now completely obsessed. An affordable brand that put a focus on sustainability and recycled materials is a brand I am 100% happy to place my money in, and so when I’m buying items in the future I want to make a conscious effort to try and shop from places such as these instead.

I think what I’m trying to say is that it’s time to stop throwing my money away. To stop hoarding things I don’t need. To stop filling my wardrobe full of crap and to start really considering the items I’m purchasing. To start curating a wardrobe I’m proud of, that fully expresses the person I am today and the person I want to be in the future, but most importantly a wardrobe that doesn’t put a huge strain on our planet’s resources.

Are you considering a sustainable wardrobe? How are you going about putting it together? Let me know in the comments, I need all the tips I can get! Also, if you’re interested, I’m currently selling a lot of the clothes that I no longer wish to keep on my Depop page, just search lucy_jlove to see what I’m selling!

Dress: H&M

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uk blogger lucy love

uk blogger lucy love


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