how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy loveNow I will be the first to admit that ordinarily, my fashion choices are somewhat safe and conservative. Well, maybe not conservative, but sartorially adventurous is not a phrase you could use to describe me. Actually, I’m not sure it’s a phrase that’s been used to describe anyone considering I just plucked it from thin air but you get my drift. Therefore you can imagine the surprise on everyone’s faces when I came downstairs a few months ago proudly sporting a vinyl trench coat. Amidst the various mentions of Bladerunner and The Matrix were a lot of “oh I’m not sure” and “but do you think that’s really you?” but I was determined to make it work and dammit I think I did, so therefore I’m gonna give you guys the lowdown on how to style the vinyl trench for spring.

I styled it back in January for this post here but in hindsight I think I kept things a wee bit too safe. Granted it was my first time wearing it, I was uncomfortable and a little unsure, and sure this time I haven’t exactly gone crazy but something just felt a little different this time.

I actually wore it into town last Monday for a work day that also turned into a sneaky trip to Cheshire Oaks and a new designer bag purchase (more on that soon) and I got so many compliments on the coat that I was actually a little bit taken aback. I mean nothing makes you feel better than people telling you how bomb your outfit looks, right?

I went for my Zara high waisted leggings on the bottom half – I’m absolutely loving these right now as they fit like a dream but are thicker than your average pair of high street leggings so you’re not spending approximately 80% of your day worrying whether your underwear is showing through. You may have seen on one of my vlogs from earlier in the year that I bought an almost identical pair from Bershka at the same time as buying this vinyl trench but they barely did up and were rubbish quality in comparison so these are their replacement.

I teamed them with another current favourite: my Stradivarius white shirt. I feel like this is really fulfilling all my classic white shirt needs and I love the slightly ballooned sleeves (that you can’t see in any of these pictures, well done Lucy *claps*) which make it that bit more ~statement~

Now I had actually decided to try my hand at effective layering this day. I wasn’t sure how warm it was going to be as we’re still at that stage of the year where blue skies are deceiving so I added my Zara black blazer underneath the vinyl trench for an added bit of warmth but it actually turned out to be a little too warm. Who’d have thought eh?! The trench was of course the piece de resistance, along with the vintage Gucci sunglasses I decided to throw in my bag before I left the house. Finally, my Stradivarius platform trainers for optimum comfort levels.

I can’t wait to style it again now the weather is warm enough for it – I actually wore it into London over the weekend with a skirt suit which you can see on my Instagram, but I want to try my hand at wearing it with dresses too although I’m a little worried it’ll look a bit too ‘flasher mac’ – thoughts?

Vinyl Trench: Bershka | Blazer: Zara | Shirt: Stradivarius | Leggings: Zara | Trainers: Stradivarius

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how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy love

how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy love

how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy love

how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy love

how to style vinyl trench blogger lucy love


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