UK blogger Lucy Love shares her winter skin care saviours

This year has been a learning curve for me in many ways, but one in particular that stands out for me has to be learning how to take care of my skin properly. I will always remember being about 12 years old and Mum telling me she’d started wearing anti-aging eye cream when she was about 21. She has the best skin of anyone in their 50’s that I’ve ever met, and I believe this is a testament to how she looked after it in her 20s. Unfortunately I haven’t been as disciplined as she is but this year I’ve given it a damn good go, and I thought I’d share with you today my winter skin care saviours that I’ll be relying on until the warmer weather arrives again.

I’ve been wanting to get into a good cleansing routine for a long time. I’m guilty of buying so many cleansers over the years and then never getting round to using them properly, or using them religiously for a week before falling off the wagon and going back to just using makeup wipes or a splash of micellar water. I decided early on in the winter that this wasn’t going to happen anymore, and rather than trying some complicated cleansing routine, I was instead going to strip it back a little with a fuss free product. While I still take my makeup off with micellar water, I now follow this with the La Roche-Posay Dermo Cleanser which removes any makeup residue and leaves my skin feeling super soft. It is surprisingly well priced for a more ‘higher end’ drugstore item and I’ve really enjoyed using it these past weeks.

Earlier on in the year I picked up a few items from The Ordinary, the cult cruelty free skincare brand that we’ve been hearing a lot about over the past 12 months. I honestly credit these items with keeping my skin so clear this year because since I’ve been using them regularly I’ve noticed a major difference in how my skin looks and feels. I have the Mandelic Acid which I use every 3 to 4 days and which apparently has anti-bacterial properties in it which can help prevent blemishes according to the helpful lady I spoke to in the store in Covent Garden. I have the Hyaluronic Acid for a moisture boost – this is great at plumping the skin which in turn helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines. I used to have a real defined line around my lips and cheeks that I hated and since using this product I can barely notice it at all. I usually use this every other day or thereabouts. Finally from The Ordinary I have the Caffeine Solution which I use under my eyes to minimise dark circles. I’m supposed to use this daily although I will admit that recently I haven’t been great at remembering to and the puffy under eye circles are back. If you use this religiously however, you can really notice the difference.

Every morning without fail since I first picked up this product in March I use the Clinique Super City Block. This is actually my second tube of this product which should be a testament to just how good it is because, aside from micellar water and moisturiser, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a skin care product before. I first heard about this through the babe that is Megan Ellaby and decided to try it for myself at the start of the year because I lived in London and thought it would be a great barrier between my skin and the gross pollution in the air. This is another product that I have noticed has made a huge difference to my skin this year and I think it’s become one of those holy grail products that I will forever repurchase. It has SPF 40 which is a must-have element to your skin care regime at all times of the year – just because the sun isn’t beating down on us in the winter does not mean we’re not getting those UV rays! It also has anti-pollution blocking properties which make it great for anyone living or working in the city who’s skin is getting regular exposure to pollutants.

Finally, I have two products which I use side by side once a week to really give my skin a deep clean. These are new to my regimen and I think are the reason I’ve experienced a little breakout recently as they’re bringing all the under the skin blockages to the surface which is a little annoying but at the same time exactly what I want them to do. I bought the Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Scrub as an exfoliant to use before my deep cleansing face mask. I wasn’t expecting this to be quite so harsh on the skin so I would approach with caution especially if you have sensitive skin, however it does leave my skin feeling super super soft after I’ve used it. I then use the Aesop Parsley Seed mask to really get in there and remove imperfections. I usually leave this on for around 15 to 20 minutes to get to work and then wash off with warm water and a flannel.

This isn’t my full skin care routine, just my favourite stand-out products that I’m loving at the minute and that are keeping my skin refreshed for winter. If you guys would like a full post or video on my current skin care please do let me know in the comments below – if you have any recommendations for products you think I’d like please also leave them below too. I’m keen to try out some products by Liz Earle next so watch this space…

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 UK blogger Lucy Love shares her winter skin care saviours

 UK blogger Lucy Love shares her winter skin care saviours

 UK blogger Lucy Love shares her winter skin care saviours


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