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You may remember a month or so ago I decided to put together the first post in a new “series” on this blog where I examined what happiness truly means to me. 

It’s been a year of many revelations for me, and one of the most pivotal ones I’ve had is the realisation that happiness isn’t a feeling of constant ecstasy, of walking round with a permanent smile on your face and a spring in your step. It is instead the knowledge that despite whatever hardships you’re going through, or whatever issues you’re facing, you wouldn’t actually change much/anything about your life because you still feel content. 

In honour of finally discovering this and being able to wholeheartedly describe myself as happy and content for the first time in 26 years, I’m going to list a few more things making me happy this unseasonably mild November in the hopes that it prompts you to take a step back and focus on the things bringing you happiness in your life: 

  1. Mum’s home cooking – without a doubt the best thing about moving back to the north. 
  2. Being back in my home town and exploring all the new bars and restaurants that weren’t there when I left. 
  3. Having a pay check that isn’t mostly dedicated to rent – the past two months I’ve done actual shopping and it’s been great. 
  4. Starting my own business – finally!
  5. The realisation that, with hard work, determination and a positive mindset, I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.
  6. Daily cuddles with my dogs – words cannot describe how much I missed them while I was in London
  7. The countdown to Christmas – the shop windows are getting festive and I am here for it!
  8. My renewed love for my blog. 
  9. SP (If you know, you know)
  10. Season 3 of Riverdale – holy hell Cole Sprouse needs to just be mine already
  11. The final instalment of Throne of Glass – I was not ready for the series to end but the ending was so so perfect. 
  12. My new boots from The Kooples which have hardly left my feet since I bought them. 
  13. Enjoying creating content for Instagram for a change!
  14. Getting tattooed for the first time in a year – I already have cravings for more. 
  15. Making some exciting December content plans (and already feeling the good type of stressed over them!) 
  16. Working with some incredible brands over the past few months, with more collaborations to come before Christmas!
  17. A newfound love for Frank Sinatra
  18. Finally getting some sort of control over my anxiety 
  19. The Top of the Pops 1995 – 2000 playlist on Spotify
  20. The knowledge that I’m finally carving out a future for myself to be proud of! 

What’s making you feel happy this month? Comment below and let me know! Lets share the positivity!

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