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I started this blog pretty much 4 years ago to the day, and wow what a whirlwind! There have been major highs and major lows, laughter and frustration, but in that time I’ve never gone longer than a couple of days without posting. When I first started writing on here, I’d come home from work, race to my laptop and spend the rest of the night frantically writing, editing pictures, reading others’ posts and networking with new blogger friends.

Of course eventually the novelty of doing that wore off, but blogging has always remained a solace for me among the crazy ups and downs of life – until recently.

I’ve not posted for three weeks. Some of you may have noticed, some may not. Some of you may not care at all – but I care. I feel like I’ve let myself down and let you guys down – how can I possibly ever make this into a career if I’m not constantly working and striving for the next big thing but when you’re going through a time of serious upheaval in your life sometimes your creativity just goes and its impossible to bring it back again until its ready to return.

This is the problem I’m currently having. That and the most horrendous internet signal I’ve ever encountered making it nigh on impossible to actually blog or run my Youtube channel because lol I’m lucky if I even get a connection and when I do the likelihood of it running for longer than 10 minutes is pretty slim.

I mean, I’m writing this at 11.23 at night because I noticed my laptop was showing a connection for the first time today and I thought I’d jump on it while I could. The other day it took me 24 hours to upload a 20 minute Youtube video. I think you catch my drift.

ANYWAY, I wanted to get this little post online just to let you guys know I’m still here and I promise I’m not going anywhere. I’m just trying to get my head in gear again so that when I’m back to full throttle it’s bigger and better than ever. There are going to be some changes to my content this summer and I can’t wait to get a little more creative with what I bring to the table both on here and on Youtube.

I’m still posting to Instagram daily so make sure you’re following me on there in the meantime and I’ll see you all soon. Real soon, I promise. Next week. Basically I’m going to try and get my schedule back on course next week ok? OK.

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