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Yo! I don’t know why I started this post off by saying ‘yo’ considering I don’t ever really say it IRL but fine, whatever, we’ll go with it. YO. 

Today’s post is a little different. I actually came up with it while I was sat on the loo tbh and if that’s not me getting deep and personal with you guys I don’t know what is. But anyway, there I was having a think and I came up with the idea of telling you guys the things I do to try and keep calm when I’m feeling particularly anxious. 

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that a) I have suffered from anxiety for quite some time now, and b) that I am currently in the process of moving house. Well actually, technically I’ve moved house now so strictly speaking I am in the process of unpacking but considering I am writing this the night before we move and taking advantage of still having the internet for a final few hours, I am basically in the middle of Box Hell. And guys, it’s making me anxious AF.

Disclaimer here: I am not saying these are cure all ways to sort out anxiety. I’m not even claiming they’ll work for everyone – everyone suffers differently and deals with their anxiety but I thought I’d share the things I do to try and keep it at bay. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t feel disheartened, there will be something out there that will help and there are always organisations you can talk to if you feel like you can’t discuss this sort of thing with friends/family/your GP. 

ANYWAY, onto the tips. 

  1. Dissect your day into smaller chunks and give yourself a manageable to-do list to get through. When I’m feeling particularly bad I will literally dissect the smallest of tasks so that when I’ve accomplished each little thing I feel like I’ve really achieved something in overcoming the bad feelings. It can literally be as simple as: go for a wee, wash my hands, switch the oven on, put the food in, turn on the TV, have a sip of water. You get the gist. 
  2. Talk to someone – I’m lucky enough that I have very supportive friends and family around me and when I’m feeling pretty shit I will usually turn to one of them for either some love/sympathy or some tough love to help snap me out of it. The first person I always talk to is Mum because she is my best friend in the world, but my mates are pretty damn good too and are always there to help me even if its just by distracting me with a funny work story. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to friends or family you could see an NHS counsellor, talk to your doctor, or even contact an organisation such as Mind or Anxiety UK. The NHS website has a huge list of organisations you can call for advice or just for somebody to listen – click here to view
  3. Self Care – I feel like the internet talks a lot about self care these days and sometimes forgets that everyone’s idea of self care is different. While for some it’s a full body pamper, for me it is sticking my head in a book and lying in bed. Whatever it is that makes you feel good (so long as it’s safe and isn’t going to cause you harm) is what you should focus on and try and make time for if you’re feeling anxious. Granted there will be some situations where this isn’t possible – if you’re at work for instance – so if that occurs simply find a quiet place to try and relax yourself. I always lock myself in the toilet cubicle for a bit at work if I’m feeling particularly anxious. (Why am I talking about toilets/toilet habits so much in this post?!)
  4. Breathe. Seems like an obvious one but can also be the hardest thing to do if you’re in the grips of a panic attack. I got taught some great breathing exercises at counselling and the one I use the most helps in a variety of situations as well as feeling anxious – for example if I’m feeling nauseous or even too excited for my own good! Simply breathe in for four breaths, hold for five, and breathe out for six. Then increase each step by one count until you’ve reached your breath holding limit. Breathing out for longer helps to calm the heart rate and by counting, you are distracting your brain from the panic and the bad thoughts. 
  5. Go out. Probably the last thing you want to do and often can be completely counter productive but sometimes I find that forcing myself out of the house, even if it’s just to walk around the block and then come back, can be really helpful especially if you can do it with friends/family/your significant other. The fresh air will help you to breathe better and the change of surrounding can help to distract you. Joe always takes me into a shop like Tesco if I’m bad and gives me items that I need to find to distract me and it really helps. 

I hope this post has proven somewhat helpful to some of you! If even only one point helps you to feel better when you’re feeling bad then my work here is done! I hope you didn’t mind a post with a bit of a difference but inspiration struck at the most random of times and it was something I decided I wanted to share with you all. 

The next post will be about fashion again, I promise! 

If you have any great ways to help combat feeling anxious, leave them in the comments below! I’m always keen to find new ways to help me to relax and calm myself and I’m sure others will find them super valuable too! 


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UK Fashion blogger Lucy Love

UK Fashion blogger Lucy Love

UK Fashion blogger Lucy Love

UK Fashion blogger Lucy Love

UK Fashion blogger Lucy Love

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