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Monday, 16 April 2018


UK fashion blogger Lucy Love

Recently I've been a bit of a fashion slump. I'm blaming it completely on being ill and therefore not leaving the house for a week - I think by not doing anything creative for over 7 days I kinda forgot how to be creative and also how to put a good outfit together. I'm also going to say at this stage that the weather really isn't helping matters. I love winter probably more than the next person but now that April has rolled around and spring still isn't anywhere in sight I think I have perhaps exhausted my winter outfit combinations.

Excuses aside however, I wanted to take the time this morning to talk about my fail safe fashion fix, the one item I turn to in my wardrobe to spruce up even the most boring of outfits, and the one thing I probably should replace at some point soon considering it's looking a little worse for wear these days after two years of almost constant wear.

I'm talking of course, about the humble blazer. Not the groundbreaking reveal you were probably expecting due to most people having one in their wardrobe following the great suit trend of late '17/early '18, but an item I fall back on on an almost daily basis - especially when I'm struggling to make an outfit pop.

I have three blazers in my collection, but without doubt the black one is my ultimate favourite. Take this outfit for example - the humble t-shirt and leggings combination that I have worn for the best part of 26 years and what could really be considered my 'uniform'. A pretty nondescript outfit when worn on its own, but with the addition of the blazer it becomes suddenly so much more versatile. While undeniably comfortable and therefore perfect for a chilled Sunday, going for brunch or browsing the shops, the addition of the blazer also ramps it up a notch making it perfect for day to night - you certainly would not look out of place in a bar or restaurant, although potentially not one for the club. 2018 it may be, but I feel like most places still won't let you in wearing trainers...

On this day, I was enjoying a particularly terrible hair day and had bought a brand new Vans bobble hat the day before so of course that provided the perfect solution to my hair woes. Thank the hat gods, or y'know, Vans for creating such a beauty.

Do you have a fix all fashion item that you always find yourself reaching for to spruce up an outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

Blazer: Missguided | Top: Fila | Leggings: Zara | Trainers: Stradivarius | Hat: Vans

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UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
UK fashion blogger Lucy Love
UK fashion blogger Lucy Love

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