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Friday, 2 February 2018


Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Tonight I decided to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I sat down, I turned on Now TV, and I finally started watching Sex and the City from the beginning for the first time. I know, I can't believe it's taken me this long to watch it either but here we are. 

I think I was in high school when it first aired but only around Year 9 when it finished - Mum was absolutely glued to the TV whenever it was on but I wasn't allowed to watch it because it was "unsuitable" which in hindsight is probably true - I was a very impressionable 14 year old - but I remember feeling undeniably jealous when my classmates came into school every week talking about the latest episode and all I could comment on was what happened on Shipwrecked that week. 

(Does anyone else miss that show?! Arguably some of the best reality TV to ever hit the UK don't @ me)

I have however seen the two Sex and the City movies (I was firmly over the age of 16 when they both come out and Mum finally decided that since I was of age, it was acceptable for me to finally watch a movie with naughty scenes in it). I was completely enamoured with the lifestyle that Carrie and her friends seemed to have - that glamorous executive lifestyle in the big city where they all worked in glamorous jobs, wore fashionable clothes and seemed to have pristine lives and no money troubles. They seemed to have the perfect social lives, have it all figured out - so of course I assumed that when I moved to the big city I would be the same. 
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
I imagined myself swanning around in power suits, going for after work drinks with my executive gal pals and by night writing this blog and penning my first book (it's been in the works for so long now it's completely inexcusable). I imagined dates with rich men in freshly pressed suits and expensive aftershave before finally settling down with my perfect guy, in our city centre apartment. Perhaps a dog would be involved and we'd hold dinner parties for all our other friends - the perfect picture of the London socialite. 

Or what I imagine a London socialite is like. I mean I'd have absolutely no idea, I have never come across one before (to my knowledge). 

The reality however was far from the truth. I moved first of all to Manchester, lived on my own, had one friend that I saw once in a blue moon and got myself into so much debt I couldn't afford to feed myself let alone go out for after work drinks or meet a guy. When I did eventually meet a guy he lived at the opposite end of the country, and after 6 months of being together and my finally landing a job in London town I moved down there too. Only for us to break up three weeks later... 

Eventually however, I met Joe - my perfect guy. I work in a high pressured but nonetheless rewarding job in central London, I live with Joe in our lovely (but certainly not Central London) apartment and I see my best girl friends at least once a month - the same girlfriends I've been friends with since the beginning of high school. My ride or die pals and the ones that make me feel like I'm at home so far away from home. 

I still come home from work and write this blog, and attempt to pen my book when I find the time and the inspiration, but it's no closer really than it was a year ago, or even three years ago. I'm also still in debt but guys, it's London ok?!

I guess the moral of this post is that life is a funny old thing. You may think you have it all planned out in your head and yet what actually materialises couldn't be further from your fantasy. I think the important thing to take away from this though is that even when things stray so far from what you imagined it doesn't matter. Don't despair if your life is yet to take off like you thought it might, because there is always something just as exciting round the corner and things will always work out in the end. 

In the immortal words of Joe (trying to quote "You'll be ok in the end, and if you're not ok then it's not the end") - you'll be ok. And you really will. 

Sweater: Missguided | Joggers: Trend Two | Trainers: Vans

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Photos by the ever so talented Lauren Dudley.

Fashion blogger Lucy Love
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
Fashion blogger Lucy Love
Fashion blogger Lucy Love


  1. Absolutely love this post - it's so relatable!

    P.s I adore your pants too!

    Kayla | www.daintydweeb.com

  2. Such a great post! I thought I'd have my life together once I'd move to London so I know how you feel. Your trousers are amazing! xx


  3. Think I needed to read this post today Lucy, so relatable. It’s not all dreams and rainbows but life goes on still. We get through what we need to and continue. I’d still like to think that we will all have our big break and maybe have that Sex in the City lifestyle that seems so easy to live.

    You look fantastic in these photos as well lovely!!! Love the casual yet totally fashionable style and you pose like a pro!

    Gem | gemsupnorth.co.uk

  4. Wow, Joe's got some pretty inspirational words there and I think I'm going to use them because I love it so much. It is funny how life turns out. I loved SATC growing up, though I only really started watching it in year 12 (I'm a tad older than you) and became obsessed. I remember seeing the first movie with my cousin and he crushed my dreams of becoming Carrie by telling me how he had a freelance writer friend in NYC and her life was not Manolos and eating out every night with a wall st banker. I suppose SATC is akin to Instagram in the respect that it's unattainably picture perfect.



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