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I have had this gorgeous 20’s style flapper dress in my wardrobe now for months, but have yet to wear it. Now this isn’t anything against the dress itself, it’s undeniably gorgeous and I love it, instead I’ve just had nowhere to wear it to, so I have been sitting and waiting to bring it out of my wardrobe with a flourish while at the same time really wanting to showcase it on this blog. 

Last weekend, in a fit of anguish (and just not knowing what I wanted to shoot) I let my good friend Alice loose on my wardrobe to choose some items to style me up in. She immediately picked out this dress and accessorised me into a full grunge glam biker chick and I have to say I adore the finished product. 

What she didn’t realise however, was that she also helped me with me annual battle over what to wear to the works Christmas party. It’s something I spend many a week deliberating over at this time of year (I know, first world problems right?!) and last year involved multiple dresses bought and sent back to various online retailers before I settled on the perfect number. 

This year, I’m definitely feeling the grunge glam – I love the contrast between the fringing of the dress and the mesh of the fishnet tights, plus the added edgy vibe of the chunky choker and chain necklace really add to the biker vibe. The studded leather jacket over the top is a staple for most outfits for me, and I love being able to style them in a more formal manner. 

If you’re considering your Christmas party outfit, why not try making something traditionally formal a little more grungey? Quiz have a great range of party dresses and I never fail to find something gorgeous and festive for this time of year. 

Jacket: Topshop | Dress: Zara | Boots: Topshop

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*This post is sponsored by Quiz Clothing but all opinions and wicked style is my own*

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love



  1. Jennifer Skelton
    January 3, 2018 / 7:52 pm

    nice post

  2. Jennifer Skelton
    January 4, 2018 / 9:15 am

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  3. Beatrice Demar
    March 28, 2018 / 9:31 am

    You are so feminine and delicate, for my taste this outfit is too "heavy" on you. I like the vibe though. Maybe unlacing the boots a bit to add a bit of carelessness and changing the dress for a tee and a tutu skirt (probably colored) would make it more interesting and "unexpected"? I wonder what my editor would say if I brought him reviews on wearing this outfit?:)

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