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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Ok so I'm fully aware these photos aren't actually taken on the red carpet, but I'm not going to lie, the idea of posing for a full set of blog photos in the middle of the BFI festival didn't truly appeal...

I'm so happy it's October right now - not only is it one of my favourite months due to the onset of Autumn and Halloween, but it also brings with it the BFI London Film Festival. I never knew the BFI festival existed until last year when I met Joe. Perks of dating an actor means we get invited along to some incredible events - last year we were lucky enough to attend the UK premiere of LaLa Land which was as amazing as it sounds and is an experience I'm not likely to forget in a hurry. Due to Joe being away filming in New York for the first week of the festival, we're attending much less this year, but that didn't put a damper on our Sunday excursions to see both On Cheshil Beach at the Embankment cinema, and a screening of the new Jake Gyllenhaal film Stronger about Jeff Bauman, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing. Both films were beautiful and true emotional rollercoasters, and left both of us feeling somewhat emotional as we left the cinema. 

Because neither of these were gala events, we didn't dress up quite as much as we will be doing on Friday (I can't wait to bring you that outfit - it will be up on Saturday evening as I won't get chance to upload on Friday) - but I still wanted to look smart while also fully embracing the slightly luxe, slightly alternative vibe that I've been embracing during most of 2017.

For me, the item that holds the whole outfit together really is the blazer. I know I've talked about it before but I still can't quite believe that this £30 Missguided blazer has seen me so well this year. It is starting to look a little worse for wear so I will need to trade it in for a newer model at some point soon but for the time being it is the perfect item for me to throw on over any outfit to luxe it up a little. One of the reasons I love it so much is for it's slightly oversized relaxed fit - for me there isn't much better than something that looks totally smart but is also one of the most comfortable things in my wardrobe. 

I wore my favourite statement shirt underneath - this Topshop find of mine at the beginning of the year is truly one of my favourite items I've ever picked up and I find myself reaching for it with increasing regularity. I currently favour wearing it with most of the buttons undone and just tied loosely at my waist with a cute lace bralet underneath. I love the way it adds a statement pop of colour to an otherwise fairly neutral outfit. 

These shorts are a new addition to my wardrobe kindly gifted me by the wonderful ladies at LOTD (Look of the Day). They allowed me to pick a selection of items from their website recently and these shorts were one of the first things I gravitated to as I've been after a pair of more tailored shorts for months. I adore the way these fit and they were super comfortable as well. I worried that I'd been a bit ambitious choosing the size 8 when I saw them as they looked quite small but they fit me perfectly. 

And of course the gold boots had to come out again - it's that time of year you guys. It's always that time of year. 

Blazer: Missguided | Shirt: Topshop | Shorts: LOTD* | Boots: New Look

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Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

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  1. Love your bold choice of boots and how they discreetly matches your shirt!
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