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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Fashion blogger Lucy Love at UK Downsizing premiere

Oh hello you lovely lot, fancy stumbling across you here...

Remember last week when I spoke about the super fancy red carpet galas I was going to as part of this year's BFI London Film Festival? No? Well don't worry because you can catch up on that post here and take a sneaky peek at what I chose to wear down the red carpet. Today I'm going to catch you up on the third gala event that I went to, which also happened to be the last of them for me this year.

Last year we went to a crazy amount of films, and on one Sunday actually managed to catch four different films in one day, however this year things have been a little trickier. Joe was in New York filming his feature length documentary during the first week of the festival, and as we had to work around my work hours and his other commitments we only managed to catch three films in the second week - but my were they good films!

Last Friday brought our time at the festival to a close in spectacular fashion with the premiere of Matt Damon's new film Downsizing - think a touch of "Honey,  I shrunk the kids!" with added "The Borrowers" and a bit of a political twist - and we had a fantastic time.

I had intended to document my outfit in a little more detail for you however unfortunately the red carpet was a little rushed and therefore our photo taking time was confined to a quick snap on the iPhone before we were rushed in to take our seats so the photo above will have to suffice. My intention for the evening was to debut my gorgeous suit from The Kooples for the first time - I got it waaaay back at Easter but unfortunately several months of sitting on my ever increasing ass with share sized bars of chocolate and crisps meant that when the time came I couldn't get the trousers done up.

Not one to be completely disheartened by this, I decided to at least wear the jacket which I absolutely adored. There's something about walking down the street wearing an expensive item that just fills me with confidence and all the girl boss vibes and I love it. I decided to team it with my Missguided tailored/cigarette pants. While not quite as put together as the full suit would have looked, I definitely don't think they looked half bad and a major plus point to these was that I could actually do them up...

Finally, the absolute babes at WearAll sent me this gorgeous sequinned bodysuit a month or so ago. I couldn't wait to wear it on my blog but I wanted to style it in a more evening/dressy environment so held on to it specifically for this purpose. It could not have looked better - I adored the glamorous vibes it threw off and it definitely held its own as the statement part of my outfit.

How would you have styled yourself for the red carpet? Let me know in the comments below!

Jacket: The Kooples | Bodysuit: WearAll* | Trousers: Missguided | Shoes: Topshop

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  1. You look like a rockstar! I really want to see Downsizing, looks really interesting!

    1. Thank you so much gorge!! Totally recommend it, it's brilliant and surprisingly funny as well actually! XO

  2. Oooh, that's so exciting! You look amazing, I love the outfit. Personally, I think I'd wear a suit hehe

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH


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