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Wednesday, 25 October 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Hey guys! Long term readers of this blog will know that, from time to time, I like to do a little blogger appreciation post. See it's all very well and good talking about me and my outfits all the time but its also nice to give a little love back to the community so therefore today I'm going to be talking about five blogger babes I am absolutely loving recently and the reasons why you should go follow them!

One thing to mention - obviously the pictures of the gorgeous gals below belong to them, I've simply grabbed them from their blog so you can appreciate their damn good looks however if any of them want the photos removed please don't hesitate to contact me <3

Rachel War
Alternative blogger Rachel War

I met Rach for the first time back in February after talking to each other online for years, and when I say years, I mean years. We were even in the same magazine together way back when in the alt-modelling days. I adore Rach, not only is she one of the most supportive girls I've ever met, she is also one of the kindest, funniest and general all round amazing bloggers too. I love that she doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to talk about exactly what's on her mind - I feel like I need to be a bit more like that myself! Rach runs an amazing alternative lifestyle blog where she talks everything from beauty to fashion, modelling to movies, and mental health. She is so hard working and puts such time and effort into her blog I truly find her an incredibly inspiring individual. She also has a brand new layout which you definitely need to check out because it looks all kinds of amazing!

Chloe Plumstead aka The Little Plum

Fashion blogger Chloe Plumstead

Ok guys, if you've not given Chloe's blog a read yet then seriously WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?! Not only is this girl absolutely killing it with every piece of content she puts out, can we please take a minute to appreciate how darn cute she is too?! I love Chloe's style and her blend of think pieces and humorous and very relatable lifestyle content make for some of the most entertaining reads out there in the blogosphere right now. As a fellow short person, I love how she is completely and unashamedly embracing the vertically challenged life and making a name for herself as the queen of all things petite. I also love Chloe's stance on current affairs and her views on body image too - as someone who struggles with the way she looks, Chloe gives me the confidence to embrace my body type and learn to love how I look right now, rather than fixating too much on my past self or how I will look after a few more months in the gym. If you like killer style, great humour, relatability and generally kick ass girl-boss writing then Chloe's blog is without a doubt for you.

Robyn aka Midnight and Lace

Alternative blogger Midnight and Lace

I first met Robyn at the Bloggers Blog Awards but again she is someone I've followed and talked to online for a long time. I am beyond over the moon over her blog awards results - she's so hard working and has such a genuine talent! To balance a new teaching career as well as an award winning blog is no mean feat so major, major props to her for managing to both and still completely killing it. Her recent Burton Babes series on her blog has been absolutely amazing to read - can we take a minute to appreciate the Edward Scissorhands look please - and I adore seeing how she styles regular high street pieces with items from alternative brands such as Killstar and Blue Banana. I'm so proud to see her blog grow and the amazing brand collaborations she is working on and I can't wait to see what 2018 will bring for her - best established blog anyone?

Allie aka Rush and Teal

Lifestyle blogger Rush and Teal

Allie's is a blog I discovered earlier this year and I immediately fell for the stunning photography and her gorgeous writing style. Primarily a lifestyle blog, Allie's blog is where I will go for those Sunday morning reads in bed rather than picking up a magazine - there's something about her blog that I find both calming and compelling in equal measures. Combined with her incredible photography and layout, her content genuinely wouldn't be out of place in coveted magazines such as Kinfolk, and I'm particularly loving reading her current travel content from her recent trip to Lisbon. I'm so excited that she is back to uploading after a short hiatus and I can't wait to see what content she's got lined up for this autumn and winter!

Jess Gutteridge aka Heart Shaped Bones

Alternative blogger Heart Shaped Bones

Another amazing lady killing it for the alternative community at the moment is Jess. I had the most amazing time hanging out with her at this year's Blogger's Blog Awards and I genuinely can't believe it was the first time we'd met - from the moment I squished into the car next to her on the way to the hotel, to our shopping trip with Robyn the following day, it felt like I'd known Jess for years. She's such a creative, inspiring and kind hearted individual and I'm forever in awe of her talent. Alongside her fantastic blog - which by the way covers everything from AMAZING alternative fashion, makeup and lifestyle - to her successful Youtube channel, to her kick ass creative business Jess is an all round incredible girl boss. You need to check out her blog and Youtube and you also seriously need to check out her store and buy some of her incredible prints!

That's it for this round up - I really hope I've been able to point you in the direction of some new bloggers you've maybe not come across before! If you can think of anyone who should make my next blogger babes list, leave a link to their blogs in the comments below. I always love finding new favourite blogs to read and new members of the community to fangirl over (love how my computer's auto correct just tried to change fangirl to fungal...that could have been awkward!)

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  1. I love Chloe's blog too. Can't wait to look up the other bloggers on your list. This is a good thing you do to let others know about the awesome content out there.


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