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Ok you got me, its another wishlist post. Truly I normally can’t stand doing these sorts of posts, but when you’re faced with a brand like Romwe that has absolutely endless choice you can’t help but bookmark essentially everything on the website for later shopping. (Also it’s a great way of not messing up your blogging schedule when you haven’t had chance to shoot three looks this week but shhh)

You will notice a theme in what I’ve chosen from Romwe for this post – basically the vast majority of items are outerwear but when a brand does outerwear this well it’s almost impossible not to want, well, everything.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Bomber // Trousers

Ok so to begin with, this two tone bomber jacket is absolutely everything. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the two tone trend over the past season – although in particular that was seen in the split print t-shirts and dresses the likes of Missguided were producing – so this jacket ticks all the boxes for me. I also love the ribbon detailing on the front and the semi-statement back. These leggings give me full on 90’s athleisure vibes. They remind me of the Adidas ones I was always trying to persuade my Mum to buy me as a kid – while I was never successful in my pre-teen fashion endeavours maybe at 25 I can make them mine…

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Girl Gang Sweater // Statement Hoodie 

I’m one for supporting your fellow gal pals so this girl gang distressed hem cropped sweater is the absolute bae of all baes. As you already may know, I love a cropped sweater especially in more transitional seasons and this one would go beautifully with the rest of my wardrobe it must be said. This statement graphic hoodie is another cropped fave that needs to make its way into my wardrobe. I love it’s bold style – I’m not sure quite how I would style it up but I’d love the challenge.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Sweater // T-Shirt

Ahh mesh. My best friend, my true love, my first sartorial affair to remember… this red mesh sweater is basically everything I’ve ever wanted in a sweater. It mixes one of my favourite colours of the season with my favourite texture and would look incredible styled with a pair of jeans, some leather joggers or even some vinyl pants. I need it in my life more than I can even put into words. Ditto this t-shirt which I kinda plan on wearing into the office one day in a moment of semi-ironic life mimicking art…

Anything on Romwe caught your eye too? Let me know!

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  1. Emma Copland
    September 22, 2017 / 12:43 pm

    I need that Girl Gang sweatshirt in my life!

    • Lucy Love
      September 22, 2017 / 2:42 pm

      Isn't it just amazing!!

  2. Rachel War
    September 28, 2017 / 11:38 pm

    The red top with the mesh! OMG. Love the photo layout too x

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