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Friday, 1 September 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater

Ok guys, a serious apology on the way here. I know my schedule on both here and Youtube has been fairly non-existent this past week but life has completely got in the way and thrown a few curveballs my way. Everything is fine, of course, but it's meant that I've not been able to upload or shoot as often as I would have liked to. You'll be pleased to hear however that it is full steam ahead at chez LJLV the latter end of this week as I'm filming and editing like a crazy person and making sure I get those shoots in! 

Over the Bank Holiday I was delighted to make the trip back up North to see my family. It's been a long time coming - I've made it home consistently once a month up until moving flats, but since May I haven't seen my family. This is probably quite normal but to be honest my Mum is more like my sister and my dogs are my favourite things on the planet so for me it was a small form of torture. Therefore, suitcase in hand I boarded the train on Friday evening with Joseph for a weekend of fun and good weather with my favourite people. Getting out of London for a few days and just allowing myself to totally relax was the best feeling - I feel like I've been on holiday and I couldn't be happier that the weather was so lovely too. I definitely don't think it would have been quite the same atmosphere had it been raining... I will still be going home once a month for the rest of this year for that much needed family time, but that was the last elongated stay I will have until Christmas so I am feeling just a little bit homesick. 

While I was home I was desperate to shoot in this Shein sweater that I got sent last week. I was over the moon when they reached out to me as they are a brand that I have had on my radar for a year or so but have never ordered from as I was concerned about sizing and customs charges. I wanted to use the opportunity to start building up my Autumn/Winter wardrobe and was looking for a quirky but slightly oversized sweater so when I spied this yellow beauty I had to swipe it up. I totally missed out the mustard yellow trend last year, still being too scared to experiment with colour in my wardrobe, and while I'm still not going to be dressing head to toe in it any time soon I do enjoy the odd splash here and there. Now that my hair is back to its normal natural colour, I can definitely get away with brighter colours like this and I can't wait to style it up with other key pieces in my wardrobe as the season goes on. 

I also want to take a minute to discuss this bloody beautiful watch. You may have seen it in this post a few weeks ago, where I mentioned that the wonderful folks over at Ice Watch had very kindly gifted it to me. I'm still absolutely loving it and I have genuinely been wearing it constantly since it arrived. It looks so nice and dainty on my wrist and I'm enjoying a change from a black or metal strap. 

I'm also quite enjoying the location too - I normally wouldn't shoot anywhere like this, however we were stranded without a car on Sunday and I desperately needed to get a shoot done. Therefore Joseph and I went exploring but I soon forgot that the only thing around my house are cornfields. Giving it up as a lost cause I 'settled' for the location but I've decided I wholly love it and am thrilled with how the photos came out in the end. 

Have you ever ordered from Shein? How did you find the experience? Let me know in the comments below! 

This post contains products sent to me for review, and affiliate links, however all opinions are my own.

Sweater: Shein* | Shorts: Boohoo | Boots: Missguided | Watch: Ice-Watch*

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Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love Styles Yellow Shein Sweater


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    1. Thanks girl! Me too, I think that's what drew me to it originally, they're so cool and I adore the fit! XO

  2. Love these photos - the colour of the jumper is beaut and looks so good on you! The location is great, definitely wouldn't have guessed it was a location you settled for haha x


  3. You're so right, the watch is beautiful! Love the jumper as well, I don't like yellow on myself but I love it on other people!

    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  4. This mustard yellow goes so well with black leather. LOVE IT!


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