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Saturday, 16 September 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Since Shein first got in touch with me last month and gifted me what can only be described as the mustard yellow jumper of dreams, I have become somewhat obsessed. See when you discover such great quality fashion at such ridiculously low prices it's almost impossible to resist. I've found myself regularly combing their new in section and bookmarking tonnes of gorgeous items that will be perfect for Autumn/Winter, and today I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what I'm coveting.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Ok so we all know that I'm low-key obsessed with a loud patterned shirt right now, and this bad boy went straight to the top of my must have list the minute I cast eyes on it. It hugely reminds me of vintage Chanel or Gucci and definitely gives off those luxury vibes. Think oversized teamed with some loose fit pants and trainers for the ultimate model off duty look. These green satin trousers have also taken a top spot in my list - ultimately driving me out of my comfort zone with the colour, I'm obsessed with anything with a racer stripe as you may know, and the wide leg combined with the satin finish just screams comfort and a little hint of luxe.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

I've never been the kind of girl who can pull off cami tops and I'm not sure why, but now that I'm hitting the gym and working hard on my arms and shoulders I'm hoping they'll look more flattering on me. I love this one as it gives off that underwear as outerwear kinda vibe and I am all about that life. The check jacket is another item that has given me mild heart palpitations recently. Ever since my checked trainers came into my life last month I have been obsessively looking for a matching jacket or blazer and I simply adore the structured fit of this one.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Now you don't think I've left the grunge side behind do you?! This wouldn't be a wishlist of mine without some grungey vibes and I am full on LIVING for this denim jacket right now. I absolutely adore the statement back as I'm all about those business in the front, party in the back pieces and the addition of a hood would be a dream with all the rain that's headed our way right now. I'm loving the black sweater too - there's something about the statement front mixed with the slogan sleeve that I just can't get enough of.

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Two more experimental pieces from me now - firstly this striped blouse. I'll admit I've never really tried stripes before and the colours of this top kinda remind me of the school blazers from a private school that I used to see at cross country tournaments as a kid, but I also kinda love it. I have absolutely no idea how I'd style it but I do think that's part of the fun! The black top is basically all about those sleeves - I'm living for the embellishment and how they taper out into such a wide bell sleeve. I have nothing like this in my wardrobe yet I find them so exciting.

I really hope that by showing you what I'm loving right now you'll get some new ideas for your winter wardrobe too! Let me know in the comments below what you're desperate for this winter, and whether you've ever shopped with Shein before.

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  1. Oh My God. All these pieces are so beautiful, I can't wait to make my ow wishlist now! Loved the post, great work! x


    1. Thanks so much lovely, I'm so glad you liked it! <3


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