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Friday, 25 August 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

I thought I'd come at you with a little more of a chatty post today - see my blogging schedule and plan has kinda gone to the dogs this week. It's been such a busy one and I haven't been well either so unfortunately I haven't been able to go out and shoot - totally going to rectify this at the weekend though, I have so many exciting things to shoot for you and some amazing things coming up on this blog and also on my youtube channel (shameless plug, go subscribe if you haven't already) that I just can't wait to show you all!

When I initially started typing this, I had it in mind as a bit of a rambly word-vomit style post all about life lately and all the things I'm wanting to achieve. But when I thought about it, the things I'm trying to change and achieve are honestly the same as they were earlier in the year, namely my fitness and health and I've been so lazy about changing them both that I feel like doing another blog post all about how I want to get in shape will almost be meaningless. Instead of eating better I've probably snacked more and well, my bank balance is still as tragic as it was when I went on my spending ban earlier in the year so there's that...

Therefore, rather than being a total disappointment or even being slightly negative, I decided to flip this on its head and instead do a post all about the things I'm loving at the moment. In bullet point form because, well, why not... (also it's getting late, I have work in the morning and I desperately want to catch up on The State so there's that...)

  • Colour - I know I know, would you believe it, the girl who's lived in varying combinations of black, white and grey for the past 25 years has caved and started adding splashes of colour to her outfits. My good friend Jess inspired me to give it a shot with my red bodysuit at Easter and ever since then I've been buying small items to add to my wardrobe that just bring a little excitement to my outfits. I'm not going to go strolling out head to toe in bright colours any time soon but I'm certainly feeling better about my wardrobe since I added the odd splash here and there.
  • Wide leg trousers - I only really own one pair right now but I am SO DAMN OBSESSED with them that I honestly can't wait to buy more. They completely change the way my body looks and I love the fact that they skim my lower half and flatter it so much more than skinny jeans or tight skirts
  • A-line everything - a long term love affair for me but one that isn't going to be leaving any time soon. I am SO obsessed with the way a-line looks on me I can't wait to keep adding it to my wardrobe
  • Print - tiger print, baroque print, check print - basically anything print is bae for me right now
  • Youtube - yes, I will freely admit, I'm becoming totally obsessed with Youtube. I'm loving creating content for it so much at the moment and I'm finding that challenging myself to edit and upload twice a week is so rewarding. I'm learning so much and I feel like I'm becoming much more creative as a result. I'm so excited to bring you more video content this year so make sure you're subscribed! 

I hope you've enjoyed a quick little peek into what I'm loving right now. Let me know what you're a fan of in the comments below, I always love being nosy and finding out what everyones into! 

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