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Monday, 14 August 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

I think we're all guilty of, at times, feeling jealous of our peers. We see the super successful bloggers sunning themselves in the Maldives on press trips while our Monday morning commute features a battle worthy of Lord of the Rings to get a space on the Northern Line, and inevitably ends up with someone's smelly armpit in your face and someone else stealth grabbing your bum.

But I'm not talking about jealousy in relation to the bigger bloggers and youtubers, I'm talking about jealousy towards our direct peers - those other bloggers on a similar level as us in terms of followers, collaborations, and still needing to keep their full/part time job alongside their blog. I will freely hold my hands up and admit that I get jealous at times. I see some of my best friends getting amazing collaborations, earning off their blog or getting sent on press trips and I feel that twinge in my gut that says 'why not me?' - but while jealousy is usually considered a negative emotion, I truly believe that in instances like this it comes from a good place.

Hear me out ok? Ok.

I will always, always, celebrate every success that my friends have because, while I might feel slightly jealous on the inside, I am always over the moon to see them do well. My ethos towards campaigns, collaborations and the rest is that if I'm not selected to do it, I'd rather it was one of my friends who was and therefore it is never difficult for me to genuinely celebrate their successes with them. At the end of the day there is space for everyone in the blogging world and while one campaign may not be the best fit for me, another one may.

Whenever I feel a twinge of jealousy, rather than dwelling on it and falling into a pit of negative thinking and a 'why me?' mindset, instead I spin it around and use it as motivation to work harder. Your best friend just got sent cool blogger mail? Hell yeah she did, she works so hard for it - so if you want that for yourself then damn girl pull your finger out, put yourself out there and grab the opportunities with both hands.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that jealousy over other bloggers shouldn't always be seen as a bitchy thing. It should be seen as encouragement for us to work hard to achieve our goals, encouragement to practice our photography or our video editing, encouragement to network, to make new friends and improve our skill set.

That's what I think about jealousy within blogging anyway, but I'd be keen to get your opinions too. Comment below and let me know what you think, and don't forget - cheering on and supporting our friends is ultimately the most important thing! There is room for all of us here, so we should embrace our community and the support it offers.

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  1. I definitely get a little bit jealous when I see bloggers who started out roughly around the same time as me earning money from their blogs or getting sent amazing items. It's awesome to see them doing well but at the same time I can't help but wonder what I'm doing wrong - So I totally get what you mean! It's okay to be a little bit jealous aslong as you continue to cheer others along the way.


    1. I'm so glad it's not just me that feels this way! It's definitely better to use it as a positive and channel positivity and motivation through it instead of letting it get you down! <3

  2. It's sooo normal to feel a little jealous over things, especially in a competitive industry! But like you say, I try and channel it into motivation for me to do better rather than anything else xxx

    1. I'm honestly so glad it isn't just me that feels this way! I did spend a while feeling like the worst human being in the world for being so jealous but then I realised that if I can turn it into a positive rather than a negative then it doesn't have to be a problem and I feel so much better from doing that! <3


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