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After growing up in a sleepy country village, my teenage years brought with them a yearning for the city. My local city of Chester is small and picturesque, but it didn’t satisfy those urban vibes I so desperately craved and by the time I’d turned 15 I had quickly outgrown the Saturday trips with my friends and we longed to journey further afield. 

Cue our first foray into Manchester when we were 16 and our parents finally trusted us to get the train to the big city on our own. The first time I visited I genuinely think I was totally out of my depth, everything seemed so big and I couldn’t get over how many shops and people there were. As I got older however and eventually moved to Manchester, I quickly outgrew there too and set my sights firmly on London.

1 and a bit years later and I am firmly settled in the Big Smoke. I love living here – everything from the sheer size of it to the hustle and bustle gets my heart racing and it never fails to inspire me whether that be my fashion choices, my art or my blog, you can guarantee a day spent exploring the city will leave me brimming with ideas and anxious to get creating, however the sheer cost of living here does make things very difficult and led to Joseph and I making the move to the outskirts of the city a few months ago in order to save money. 

I will admit that I was full of trepidation when it came to leaving Central. Having only lived there a year, I was worried that it would be too soon to leave the infectious atmosphere of the city, and whether I’d still be as happy much further out. What I didn’t realise is how homesick I’d been feeling and how much it would help to be in a smaller ‘town’ where there was actual greenery around and access to parks and fields…

Today, Joseph and I ventured out in order to find somewhere new to shoot. He’d lived in this area while he was studying so he knows it quite well, however despite living here for almost two months I’ve still explored very little aside from the main high street and the local park – we stumbled upon a whole heap of gorgeous restaurants and bars, bistros and cafes, and the most gorgeous park and lake. It was so lovely to casually stroll through the greenery on a Sunday, smell the fresh air and feel utterly at peace. 

I think that no matter where in the world I live, a part of my heart will always belong to the countryside even if my head is in the city…


Jacket: Boohoo | T-Shirt: Barbie X Missguided | Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Topshop

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So guys, something out of this world amazing has happened – I have been shortlisted for the Best Fashion Blog category in this year’s Bloggers Blog Awards! It would mean the world to me if you could vote for me one last time to win the award – if you want to cast your vote for LJLV simply click here. 

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love

Fashion blogger Lucy Love



  1. Emma Copland
    August 7, 2017 / 10:43 am

    Love this post! I grew up in a quiet countryside town and I'll always feel at home in the calm of nature no matter how much I love city life. Gorgeous photos

    • Lucy Love
      August 7, 2017 / 11:45 am

      Thanks so much babe! 🙂 I think it's impossible when you've grown up in an area like that to ever really leave it behind – there's something about the fields, the fresh air and the greenery that will always have my heart! XO

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