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Thursday, 13 July 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Forgive me, but ever since I fell in love with Moulin Rouge this year I have an inner yearning to unleash the bohemian artist in me. There's something about the devil-may-care attitude, carefree fashion and overwhelming love for life and art that really gets me but I am famously serious and uptight and definitely more Duke than Toulouse.

If you don't get that reference then you should watch the film. I mean really go watch it anyway it is a cinematic masterpiece.

This dress is probably as bohemian as my wardrobe gets, and after not wearing it for years upon years, I was thrilled to stumble upon it again when the hot weather struck the week before last and I realised that I absolutely in no way could wear tights to work. I mean, imagine being stuck in tights in 35 degree heat in a tiny office with 5 guys and 6 computers that is entirely glass walled - it's essentially like working in a greenhouse and I think I may have melted on the spot.

Thankfully I had unpacked this absolute beauty of a dress a week previously when I was sorting my clothes after moving, and with a pair of sandals it proved the perfect work wear for the first day of the heatwave. I may have almost given my boss a heart attack when I walked in wearing a) a dress and b) a white dress rather than my usual all black err-day combination but it was definitely worth it to be able to efficiently regulate my body temperature while those around me were slowly combusting in suits, and he got over the shock eventually.

I couldn't resist grabbing some snaps when I got home as the sun was starting to set, and immediately knew that I wanted to shoot on my new rooftop. I've got some major holiday jealousy going on at the moment as it seems like everyone is either in Santorini or Mykonos, but I figured this location looks a little bit similar in essence so I could pretend for an evening that I was in fact sunning myself somewhere in the Mediterranean rather than slowly melting to death in my London flat...

Dress: H&M

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Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love


  1. Well this is just stunning! What a beautiful backdrop too. I want to go on holiday so bad haha. xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thanks so much gorge! Need to shoot up there more often before the beautiful weather disappears! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lovely! It's definitely a favourite of mine! xo


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