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Monday, 26 June 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Ok, it's time to level with you guys here. I'm lazy. There's no two ways about it - if I can avoid walking anywhere I will. Hell if I can avoid any exercise, I probably will. I don't know why but since the age of 18 I've been in a pretty constant state of exhaustion and therefore my motivation for movement has gone drastically down hill ever since.

The good thing about living in London is that, no matter where you want to explore, you can be sure that there is some mode of transport to save your feet and take you there, therefore in today's post I thought I'd share some snaps of my favourite places in London to explore (Camden and Brick Lane) and give you the pros and cons of the different transport options in our glorious capital starting with, of course, the tube.

Love it or hate it, the tube is probably the most convenient of London's transport systems. Granted, in hot weather it kinda smells like someone left a ham out and if you dare to travel at rush hour there is a good 90% chance you'll end up with someone's armpit in your face, but it is the easiest way to get from A to B. Impressively quick, if you're only navigating around Central London then you're pretty sorted. I also find it almost impossible to get lost, but if you do there are always TFL staff in the stations to help you find the right train. It's not the cheapest of transportation, but with trains coming every 2 minutes you can't really complain.

The buses. You know that saying "you wait forever for a bus and then two come along at once?" - in London it's more like, you wait 20 minutes for the bus, the little bus stop sign says it's due and it's the next bus, then another 10 minutes and 4 different buses come by and yours still hasn't arrived. You decide to sack it off and start walking to the tube only for your bus to come hurtling round the corner. Cue the sweaty dash back to the stop, waving your arms to try and get the bus driver to wait for you. I'd say a good 70% of the time they drive off - I think they get a kick out of watching people suffer. Plus points for the buses though include the much higher likelihood of getting a seat for your journey as opposed to the tube, windows that actually open so y'know fresh air, and they're a lot cheaper than the tube.

Finally - cycling. I mean obviously walking factors in too but really you don't need me to tell you the pros and cons of walking everywhere, I think you'll have that figured out for yourself by now. Cycling in London is an interesting one - on the one hand, you can do cute things like cycling through Hyde Park or Regents Park a la 101 Dalmatians (hopefully without the unfortunate pond dip towards the end), or you can meander leisurely down beautiful Kensington and Chelsea streets, admiring the buildings and expensive cars as you go. Or, alternatively, you have to navigate the sheer terror that is cycling London's main roads at rush hour without the help of a sat nav and therefore relying solely upon your internal navigation system. The good thing about bikes in the capital is that they're readily available in the form of Boris Bikes which  - trust me - appear to be on pretty much every single street corner, however if the fancy takes you to get your own I'd firmly recommend the Brompton fold down bike. Not only does it's foldability (is that even a word?!) make it perfect for storing in cramped London flats, but you can also take it on the tube with you when you inevitably get sick of the bad weather/angry drivers/you need a sit down ;)

What is your preferred form of London transport? Let me know in the comments below.

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This post is in collaboration with Brompton, but all opinions are my own. 

Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

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  1. OK I'm definitely a lazy girl haha. I do tend to get the tube most places although I'm finding lately that you can pretty walk anywhere in London, it's not a big as people think. Loving your photos hun, I haven't been to Camden in so long and I love it there xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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