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Monday, 12 June 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

I feel like I'm in a bit of an all round rut at the moment, both with blogging, myself and life in general. I think it's the stress of my impending move but I feel like I have absolutely zero creativity at the moment and I'm struggling to put anything together for either my blog or Youtube. This really isn't helped by the fact that I've spent the last two months comfort eating and not doing any exercise so I've definitely put weight on and I'm struggling even more with my self image.

That all said, this weekend I wanted to try and style up a more chilled outfit for you that wouldn't normally make it onto the blog specifically because it shows off the one area of my body I hate the most - my hips/bum. I will generally wear an outfit like this (t-shirt/cropped sweater and leggings/jeans) on a weekend while I'm not shooting for the blog because they're just so damn comfortable, however I kinda hate looking at myself when I wear them - therefore usually on days like that I avoid mirrors like the plague and spend most of the day wondering whether people are staring at me or gossiping about how awful I look.

This weekend however, in an effort to reinvigorate my body positivity/confidence, I decided not only to wear them out shopping with Mum but to also shoot in them and publish the photos rather than hiding them away - nothing like giving the middle finger to the negative little voice in your head and embracing weekend comfort wear eh?

If you've watched my latest favourites video, you'll know that I adore both the gorge embroidered and embellished Zara bomber that I'm wearing in these photos, but also this super simple Zara slogan tee. While I don't exactly brand myself as a girl next door, I do love a bold slogan and I find t-shirts like this so super simple to style yet I adore the look they put across - minimal, chic and still a little bit classy.

I actually think that slogan t-shirts are my ultimate wardrobe staple - I feel like you can style them up and down so easily, take them from day to night with minimal effort, and they make even the most last minute of outfits seem stylish and put together. Do you have an ultimate wardrobe staple? Let me know in the comments.

Jacket: Zara | T-Shirt: Zara | Leggings: Zara

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Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love
Fashion Blogger Lucy Love


  1. I hope the move goes well for you lucy! You look fab as always xx

    1. Thanks gorge! 48 hours until we're in and I just can't wait - although I'm now facing 20 days without the internet which is filling me with dread haha! xox


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