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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

Hey, so let's treat this post like we're having some sort of conversation over tea, or coffee, or cake. MMMM cake. I could go for cake right now. 

ANYWAY let's pretend you've asked me how things are and this is basically where I tell you what's going on behind the scenes over at LJLV. See, things are happening...

I started 2017 with an ultimate goal in mind for this space. I'd love to say I'd reached it, but that hasn't quite happened yet however I'm really happy with how my blog is progressing and I'd definitely say that I'm on my way to achieving what I'd like. I'm making tracks, and I'm really proud of myself. Every second that I spend working on my content I feel like a total girl boss and it truly makes me the happiest person that I even get to work on this stuff behind the scenes of my day job. I know I need to step it up a gear though - if I want to achieve what I want to achieve then I need to stop slacking off. No more days off, time to burn the candle at both ends and really make this work. 

I'm also super super stressed right now. So a year ago, I met this incredible guy. Truly, he's the best. He makes me happier than anyone ever has before and I genuinely can see myself having a future with him - amazingly, he does too and we've decided to move in together! That isn't why I'm stressed of course - I'm stressed because I'm currently packing my life into boxes while simultaneously trying to find someone to rent my room and find somewhere for Joe and I to move into. 

If you know of anyone looking for a room in London/you're looking for a room in London hit me up, I could sort you out haha! (But for real...)

Once Joe & I are settled in a new place, it's time for me to really make some changes to my body. I'm 5"2 (5"3 on a good day...) and a size 6/8 which is great however I am out of shape. I don't eat well and I don't exercise well either. I've been saying for months that I want to take better care of myself on the inside and on the outside too and when I have an entire kitchen just to me and Joe it's time to really learn how to make food that is good and nourishing for me rather than surviving on a mixture of baked beans and occasional healthy lunches. I also really want to start yoga and pilates properly - I quit the gym recently to save money but there are so many good online tutorials that I really need to start taking advantage of. I want to be strong and lean going into the rest of 2017.

I guess that's me up to date, so - how're things with you?

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