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Monday, 17 April 2017


Fashion Blogger Lucy Love

I've spoken in quite a few posts recently about how my financial situation is affecting the rest of my life, and I even went so far as to put myself on a little spending ban in April that has been (almost) completely successful. It makes me feel like a full on girl boss seeing that number in my bank account getting healthier and healthier and I guess that inspires me to keep on trying to save and save - but how is that making my blog suffer?

When I think back to the early days of LJLV - or Lucy J Loves as it was known then - I had money to burn. I was working full time and living at home, my parents very kindly didn't charge me rent and wouldn't let me contribute to things like the food shop, so aside from paying for my car and my phone etc my money was mine to do as I liked with. This meant that every month I had the spare cash to blow on hauls from Boohoo and Missguided, makeup shopping trips to Debenhams whereby I could spend £100 on beauty products without even batting an eyelid - it was great! I guess you guys also thought it was pretty great too because my blog saw it's fastest increase in readership during those months.

Fast forward to now however and I'm lucky if I have the spare cash to put towards one item every few months let alone every month and it makes me worry that my content is going stale. Who's going to stick around to see photos of the same pieces in every single blog post?

I've had to take a strong stance with myself recently however - no blog is worth getting yourself into financial difficulty for and if my readers can't stick around long enough to wait for me to be able to buy something new then realistically they're not the readers I want anyway.

I guess I wanted to put this post out as a reminder that although it can be so easy to fall prey to the pressures of the blogging world and feel the need to spend in order to keep up, those true, real followers and lovers of your work will support you whether you've worn the same top in the last 10 outfit posts, or whether every makeup look you produce features the same palette. People follow you for you, for what you can create with what you have, and not for the expensive items you feel the need to populate your collection with every month in order to keep up with the Joneses.

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn, not just because I love purchasing new items to showcase on this blog but also because I am a fully fledged,  unashamed shopaholic and going clothes shopping is easily one of life's greatest pleasures for me. I worry that for new bloggers, the fear of trying to keep up with those more established or those that have been doing this for a long time will cause them to get into a situation that could potentially put them in financial difficulty. I think it's time that we stand up and admit when something is a little beyond our reach without any shame.

What do you think? Have you ever felt the pressure to keep up in the blogging world? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I have been feeling the same way. I'm currently stuck in a financial situation which is not allowing me to purchase new clothes and I'm afraid that I would lose readers if they keep seeing me wear the same things over and over again. I'm trying to be more versatile with my outfits now and even going out of my comfort zone sometimes and it has helped me a lot. I agree with you about the part on readership! People should follow you for you.

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

    1. I'm so sorry you feel the same way babe! It absolutely sucks that something we love so much is putting us under so much pressure to conform, but at the same time I'm glad that we can both see a way around it and know not to let it completely overcome us!


  2. I think this runs through every bloggers mind, I get conscious if the same shirt has appeared on my blog for the 10th time and wonder if my content is becoming stale and in turn does that mean I'm going to lose my readers? But like you say, no blog is worth getting into financial worry about.

    All I've seen from your blog this year is it going from strength to strength, proving you don't need to buy something in order to keep your content strong :)

    Iamfoxxtailz | Alternative Style Diary

    1. Oh god the amount of times I've now featured the same clothes on this blog is just embarrassing haha! I hate it for the exact same reason, but then I have to remind myself that I'm no longer in the position I was in when I started and could blow £200 on Missguided every month without a worry in the world (God I miss those days!)

      Thanks so much girl, that means the world to me <3

  3. Love this post Lucy and couldn't relate to it more. Really refreshing to hear bloggers talk about the costs behind maintaining a blog. I've felt the pressure to have new things on the blog to feature, whether it be a new outfit or latest beauty launch but more and more now I try and be inventive with what I have and really think about any new purchase.


    P.S Loving your blog hon

    1. Aww thank you so much chick!

      I'm really glad that you found it relatable - I always think to myself how I would feel if I was only just beginning my blogging journey now and I honestly think that if I was in that position I probably wouldn't start as I think the overall cost of maintaining a blog is really intimidating for people. The one thing I forgot to mention in my post as well was the cost of the technology to maintain your blog too - the need for some sort of internet enabled device and camera, plus the internet connection itself is of course the basic, but then the pressure to have the latest 'in' camera, or the laptop everyone wants or the editing software everyone uses. It just all adds up and gets completely ridiculous! XO

  4. Love this post. I live with my bf and between paying rent, bills, attempting to save and monthly treats, I feel like I never have anything new to feature in my posts. TBH I often find myself wondering around the house looking for new things to include in blog photos so my content doesn't make stale. I totally get this post however I love your content and being honest about up-keep is refreshing to hear. Thanks for sharing :)

    Ruth // www.ruth-writes.co.uk

  5. You could just do what the bigger bloggers do - order loads, haul/feature it, send it back! One of the biggest ones I followed recently admitted she does this during an outfit post, where there was a designer bag that would be perfect for the outfit so she ordered it, photographed and sent it back. I suppose you have to have the money/credit to do that in the first place though. But it did put a new perspective on some of the blogs I read...

  6. This is such a relatable post - it's difficult to write posts without having something that costs money at the focus. Yes, you can write lifestyle lists, guides and opinions, but even down to the photos to accompany that post, the camera and whatever is in that shot costs money. Travelling to events is my biggest trouble when it comes to finances as taxis and trains easily end up costing a lot, and no matter how had you try to justify it as 'well, I'm eating out for free', it's never actually free. Really great post :) x

  7. I felt like this when I started blogging many years ago. I have been saving over spending and it feels so good. I love shopping but I go for second hand via ebay and charity shops. Lately I've been using pintrest as a way to make better use of my current wardrobe.
    It's worth a try!


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