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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Lucy Love Blogger

You know your clothes addiction has reached dizzying heights when you go to Berlin for a cultural break but spend the last of your Euros in their AMAZING Zara store because dude the clothes over there are so much better than the UK stores.

I mean if we're totally honest here, everything in Berlin is basically better than over here. Their McDonalds has a bloody quinoa burger - I mean really, quinoa?! And in the UK veggies are left with a limp chickpea burger if we're desperate enough to eat in Maccy D's. I'm so jel.

These photos were taken on our last day and as you can probably tell, it was absolutely pouring down. Stupidly neither of us thought to pack an umbrella so we understandably got completely drenched on our quest to find the Berlin Wall.

(This isn't taken against the wall FYI, just a graffiti covered brick construction a few miles away from it).

When I think back to all the walking we did that day my legs start to ache again, I'm not even kidding. When we looked on the map we didn't think it was as far from our hotel as it was but we were slightly mistaken. While the walk did leave us sopping wet, I actually found myself really enjoying getting to see a different side to Berlin than we had the previous two days. Monday and Tuesday were spent exploring Mitte, it's shops and designer districts and the museums and tourist attractions, so wandering around on a wet Wednesday through much more residential areas showed us a completely different side to the city which we both loved.

Honestly I could completely see myself living there.

I desperately wanted to wear this top that I bought from Zara on the last day because I had that 'omg I have new clothes and therefore need to wear them immediately' feeling - so I did. What I love so much about this isn't just the slogan on the front (we all know I'm a sucker for a good slogan), it's the dropped hem at the back and the fact that it completely splits up the back. Yup. Bloody gorgeous am I right?! It was the last one in the store in my size AND it was only 7 Euros so I mean it would have been rude not too.

I didn't want to wear it with the trousers I'd picked out to fly home in, so instead I teamed it with my favourite Topshop leather skirt I wore in my last outfit post, fishnets, ankle socks and my trusty white thick soled Office pumps which miraculously didn't give me a blister the whole holiday - result!

T-Shirt: Zara // Skirt: Topshop // Shoes: Office // Jacket: Topshop // Beanie: River Island // Bag: Zara

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