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*This post is in collaboration with TNT but all opinions, anecdotes, and tributes to the best Mum in the world are entirely my own.*

I don’t know about you, but my Mum is my absolute favourite person in the world, and as we’re approaching Mother’s Day I wanted to write a post explaining just why she’s so incredible.

We didn’t have the easiest time of it when I was a baby. My biological father was a very violent alcoholic who used to regularly attack Mum. When he wasn’t being violent he was being manipulative, leaving us without any money so that we couldn’t pay the energy bills so his wife and young daughter would be left in the house without electricity or heating while he went to work and then to the pub leaving us completely dependent on him. I remember the lights randomly going out and leaving me in pitch darkness at night as a child, and while Mum would always rush to comfort me I was scared of the dark for years. It got to a point where he became too violent and we had to leave, so Mum gathered her clothes and my things and we ran.

We were lucky that my Granny took us in, we had my bed in the living room downstairs and one brought down for Mum and that’s how we lived until we managed to get rental accommodation. My Grandparents couldn’t provide childcare though, so while I was really small Mum couldn’t work. I never knew it at the time but she’d go without food to ensure my stomach was always full, and she literally sold the clothes off her back to make sure I never went without. I had got a scholarship into the local private school which was a godsend, the Government paid for my school fees and lunches so Mum knew I was always getting at the very least one good hot meal a day, but my friends all came from wealthy backgrounds and she found it difficult to compete with their parents when it came to birthday parties and gifts for the other children.

When I hit my teens we met my Step Dad, and it’s been amazing to finally have a father figure in my life, and one that makes Mum so happy too. Knowing that she’s being well looked after by him makes living so far away a lot easier. My teens weren’t plain sailing though, I was a total nightmare suffering very badly from undiagnosed depression and I know I put both my Mum and Stu through hell completely unintentionally. Luckily I’m on the straight and narrow now, but Mum is still so caring and concerned, always making sure I’m as healthy and happy as I could be, always offering to go without so that I have a chance in London financially. She’s my rock, and I’d be completely lost without her.

When we discovered a few years ago that she was suffering from a rare and incurable strain of blood cancer it was horrendous. I cried for days and it sent the whole family into shock. My Mum who’s always been so strong and indestructible suddenly wasn’t anymore, and it really made me realise that she won’t be around forever. Despite her diagnosis though she still absolutely radiates positivity every day and I genuinely believe that it’s her positive attitude and sheer determination to keep healthy and active that allows her to continue defying Doctors’ predictions and becoming something close to a medical miracle.

My Mum is an amazing woman, she’s the kindest, most gentle, patient and loving woman I think has ever lived, and if I can be even half the mother she is, and even half the person she is I will be so incredibly grateful. Our relationship is very close, and I think this is why living 300+ miles away from her is so difficult, I have a constant yearning for home simply because she’s made it so special for me, and that’s why this Mother’s Day I’m so glad there’s services like TNT that allow me to still spoil her even when I can’t make it home for her special day. I feel lucky however that I live in the same country as my Mum, as I know there are a huge amount of bloggers who live abroad and away from family and friends – don’t fret though! TNT have a fantastic international shipping service too – to learn more, click here.

Thank you Mum for being completely amazing – I may not always show it, but I always appreciate every single little thing you do for me. I love you and I miss you every single day <3

Are you sending your Mum something special this Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

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This post is in collaboration with TNT but all opinions are my own.

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