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Sunday, 12 March 2017


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Hi hello welcome, this is the second and final part of my Berlin sightseeing photos/photo diary but please do not despair entirely, there will be a travel video on its way to you just as soon as I find a spare five minutes to edit it!

There are less photos in this post, mostly because on the third day I pretty much exclusively shot on my phone rather than my camera and I have posted those to death on my Instagram which I figured the majority of you will have seen already (if not, make sure you go follow me here).

I think our second day in Berlin was my favourite. After a lovely lie in we made our way out of the hotel and into Mitte for some breakfast at a trusty Starbucks before we began our adventuring. Tuesday was our only full day for sightseeing and we weren't about to waste it! We began walking off in a slightly different direction this time, away from the museums and art galleries surrounding the Mitte district and off to our first port of call the Topographie of Terror museum. I must admit that on the way we may have passed through a particularly nice shopping area and I did in fact spend about half an hour lusting over the clothes in the Karl Lagerfeld store while being followed around by no less than three shop assistants practically falling over themselves to make a sale help us.

After our brief detour, we made our way to the museum to begin our day of culture. This museum was one of the things we most wanted to see on our trip as it had come so highly recommended. The museum is free to enter, and it's built on the site of the Berlin Nazi headquarters from the Second World War. Surrounded by a section of the Berlin Wall that has been left standing, it explains how Hitler rose to power in the 30's, the events that led to his popularity, and how the horrific events of the Holocaust came to be.

I learned a lot that day that my history lessons in school had never covered, and it was a very humbling experience. The museum was made up entirely of boards suspended from the ceiling explaining the facts with accompanying imagery, and therefore there was a lot of reading involved. Perfect for me, but if you prefer a more interactive museum experience like Joseph you may want to bare that in mind.

We then headed to Vapiano for lunch, as on a budget as we were, the prices were fantastic. It was also a great opportunity to hook up to wifi and get some Instagram images uploaded...typical blogger. Outside the restaurant was a highly graffitied section of the Berlin Wall still standing and I really do wish that I had gone back to photograph it, but instead after our meal we moved on to the Holocaust Memorial, otherwise known as the Holocaust Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. We walked between the giant stone pillars here and marvelled at their ability to block out all sound and light from the city so that you're completely immersed in the experience of remembering, and paying your respects to those who lost their life.

There is a museum underground below the memorial, however having just left the Topographie of Terror and already feeling thoroughly emotionally drained from what we witnessed, we decided to save it for when we visit again hopefully this summer. We left the memorial after paying our respects and made our way to the Brandenburg Gate, where, after a brief downpour that left us thoroughly drenched we decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner once again at our favourite Peter Pane. This was followed by a night of drinks and live music at Murphy's, the Irish bar right outside our hotel - there's something about singing along to Wonderwall while you're thousands of miles away from home that really does bring out the proud Northerner in me.

Our last day was spend unfortunately very overcast. We didn't pack an umbrella as, for some unspoken reason, neither of us considered the fact that going abroad to Berlin we would need one. I think you sometimes subconsciously get used to associating going on holiday with sun and therefore practical items such as warm clothing and an umbrella are forgotten about.

We did use our time on the last day to wander to the Berlin Wall memorial too. I found this a little bit disappointing which I'm sad to say. I don't know what I was expecting really but I did find the museum a little lacking in information, and I think I was expecting to feel a lot more moved and horrified by what I saw as I had been the day before. It was very humbling to see a much larger section of the wall still standing, and a section of just its inner support structure further up the road - it's hard to imagine living in a city so divided and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to live in a London divided.

Not a pleasant thought.

After a final Vapiano and a sad goodbye to our hotel, we were on our way back to a very stormy England. The bumpiest landing ever (thanks Storm Doris) greeted us at Stanstead, and we returned with an immediate case of the holiday blues.

I adored my trip to Berlin and I can't wait to return again hopefully in the warmer weather. Keep an eye out for my video hopefully making its way to my Youtube channel in the coming week! Have you ever visited Berlin? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments below!

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