HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yesssss today is the day your gal turns 25 and while I’m not exactly happy about growing another year older, I’m excited to be spending the day with my nearest and dearest.

I’m actually writing this a few weeks in the future, so I’m not 100% sure what I’m doing today, but I’m 99.9% certain I will be exploring London with my parents while Joe works, following a fun birthday night out to my favourite Camden rock club last night. I don’t know what Joe has planned for our celebration together tomorrow but it could potentially involve a trip to Brighton which is exciting, I’m sure I’ll fill you in either way!

ANYWAY the excitement (3 weeks early) is getting the better of me and I’m getting distracted from the point of this post which is 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years:

Please note: some of these are personal to me and probably won’t be applicable for everyone. Unfortunately I couldn’t think of 25 deep and meaningful life lessons 🙁

  1. As much as I don’t like it, unfortunately my mother is always right.
  2. Pizza, chocolate and crisps will always be tastier than the food I should be eating, unfortunately.
  3. I will forever make excuses to buy something I probably can’t actually afford just because I want it so badly. 
  4. My love for dogs is eternal, and especially my love for Freckles. 
  5. While I can claim to be a totally alternative chick, I have a serious guilty pleasure for feel good pop, jazz, and 80’s ballads. While a few years ago this may have embarrassed me, I now wear my eclectic music taste with pride. 
  6. No matter how eclectic my music taste may become, I will never be a fan of Little Mix. (That one was for you Joseph). 
  7. No matter how much your salary might increase, your spending will adjust itself accordingly so unless you’re a multi millionaire you’re probably always going to be a little bit broke.
  8. I have never, and will never be a morning person. 
  9. Flying is absolutely terrifying but essential if I actually want to cross off half the items on my bucket list. 
  10. Dress for the shape you are, rather than the shape you wish you were. (In other words Lucy, stop buying pairs of trousers several sizes too small with the intention of slimming down into them. They’ve been in your wardrobe for years now and they still don’t fit over your arse). 
  11. I probably won’t ever enjoy the gym. 
  12. I am hopeless at keeping a planner or journal no matter how pretty it is – here’s looking at you, sadly neglected and way overpriced Ban.do. I do love you though. 
  13. At 25 years old, I have finally made peace with the fact that essentially I am a giant toddler at heart and will always sleep with my old comfort blanket. 
  14. Harry Potter is still as amazing as it was the first time I read it and nothing will ever change my mind. 
  15. I can never see The 1975 live enough times. See this also for Enter Shikari. 
  16. It can be very easy to accidentally neglect friendships when you live 300 miles away from them – DON’T LET YOURSELF THOUGH. 
  17. No matter how swanky some of London’s clubs and bars are, for me nothing can beat one of the following: a night with my girls on the 90s floor in the worst club in Chester (Rosies), a grubby Tuesday night free bar with my faves in Manchester’s Satans followed by pizza and cheesy chips from Janams on the curb waiting for a taxi, or a night with my London loves in Camden Underworld dancing to the best music and having the greatest time. 
  18. I’m a serious sucker for a good blogger cliche. Marble, rose gold, cacti, white walls, you name it I want it. 
  19. Belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve your dreams combined with a good work ethic are the two most important things if you wish to take over the world. 
  20. I would be 100% happier if I could take my bed to the office.
  21. Office dogs are the best things in the world and make the working day 500000% better. 
  22. Insta stories will trump Snapchat any day. 
  23. Speaking of Trump – officially my number 1 most hated human in existence
  24. I will never love anything as much as I love reading
  25. Turning 25 is scary but it’s bloody exciting too – there’s so much for me to still do and achieve and I feel like I’m still just a baby!

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  1. Katy Belle
    March 18, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    GIRRRRRL happy birthday!! I hope you have the most wonderful day! I loved this post, and I'm totally with you on the whole hopeless at keeping a journal thing. I'm the worst.Katy / Katy Belle

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