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Ok guys, its time to get personal again…

So I started 2017 feeling pretty flipping great. I’d just had two weeks off work, 10 days of which was spent having quality time with my family and doggies back home. I’d given myself a social media and blogging detox once Blogmas was over and done with, so when I arrived back in London I felt truly relaxed and inspired for the first time in months.

Joe and I were shooting outfits regularly and when January rolled around I had a great backlog of content which meant I started the year scheduled to the end of January and feeling super productive and organised. I was spending my evenings writing and creating, I had ideas flowing through me like never before and I felt crazy positive.

Until my period came on that is. Or rather, to be more specific, until my period was three weeks late and then finally graced me with its presence by waking me up covered in blood. Sorry for the TMI but y’know, that’s just how it goes.

Since then, my mind has been completely on another planet. I’ve been down and grumpy, I’ve been negative, and while some days have been good and I’ve had positive experiences and enjoyed myself, my anxiety has been on a whole other level. I’ve also found that my stomach flare ups have been happening more frequently which has affected my mood further.

Its strange that all of this seems to have been directly a result of my late period.

Since I had the coil fitted in September last year, my hormones have been all over the place. At first I put it down to having come off the pill after taking it for so long, but then I remembered that I’d had a 6 month break from it before and been absolutely fine so I really don’t know what’s changed now, but all of a sudden both my mind and my cycle are all over the place.

When I had the coil fitted, I was told to expect the first six months to be difficult – I could experience more pain, heavier bleeding and slight disruption to my cycle to begin with. It’s safe to say I’ve experienced all three to the point where if I could use another form of contraception I’d have taken the coil out a long time ago, but I’ve discussed that problem in this blog post and unfortunately I’m stuck having to settle with the coil until they invent another option or until I’m ready for children.

The thing is that since September I’ve been so irregular that I’ve only had 4 periods. Each of them has been so late that I’ve ended up freaking out and buying pregnancy tests just to make sure that I’m not one of the >1% that can get pregnant on the coil – so far so good, but these weeks I spend waiting to come on turn me into a total nightmare. I’m bloated, I eat everything in existence (meaning that since I came off the pill this time I’ve actually put weight on), I’m moody, I cry at everything, I’m so depressed that some days it’s all I can do to get out of bed, I have no energy at all, I’m weak, I’m paranoid, and I’m basically a total nightmare to be around.

Next Monday I’m due on again, but this leaves me wondering when in the next month it’ll actually happen, if it happens and how it’s going to affect me this time.

I find it so difficult to remain upbeat, to feel creative and even to simply look after myself and my body when I’m like this. I just want to sleep all the time and I find myself procrastinating even the things I love the most such as this blog. I hate that just a simple thing such as my period can completely sap me of my positive attitude so easily and leave me struggling for weeks and weeks afterwards.

While on the one hand, the purpose of this blog post is to vent about what’s on my mind at the moment, its other purpose is to ask any of you if you’ve experienced anything similar either on the coil or just in general with your period? Any advice you can give me on getting myself out of this funk quicker each month so I can actually be a fully functioning adult and get back on board with this blog would be great!

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  1. ShannonDarko
    February 19, 2017 / 6:50 pm

    So sorry to hear how you've been struggling! It's mad how much periods and contraception can affect us. I've been looking into alternatives to the pill and have now heard of quite a few bad experiences with the coil so I don't think that's an option for me.Without trying to sound like a hippy, have you looked into herbal remedies for hormonal issues? One of my friends uses something like that (can't remember what) and has seen a huge difference in her moods. Might be worth checking out!Shannon x

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