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Friday, 24 February 2017


Berlin Mitte

So I'm going to keep the 'talking' to a minimum with this post (thank god I hear you all cry) and let the photos do the talking.

On Monday 20th February, Joe & I headed to Berlin for three days of fun and frolics exploring a new city. The weather may have been overcast but nothing could dampen our mood as we enjoyed our first holiday together. These images were taken on the first day exploring the Mitte district - can we all just take a minute to admire that utterly amazing cathedral architecture?!

Also, ok, I will admit I'm not the greatest city/travel photographer known to man. Most of the photos I actually took were on my phone too so those will be making an appearance in the next couple of days I promise.

If you enjoyed these pictures, keep your eyes peeled as I have a tonne more Berlin content up my sleeve over the next week or so including two outfit posts and a cheeky video.

Hope you're all well and geared up for March - it's my 25th next month and I'm still trying to decide how to celebrate it on this blog.

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Berlin Mitte
Berlin Mitte
Berlin Mitte
Berlin Mitte
Berlin Mitte
Berlin Mitte



  1. Gorgeous pictures! I really need to visit Berlin

    1. Thank you! I would totally recommend it, it's such an amazing city! XO


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