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Monday, 20 February 2017


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I remember the first time I visited London with Mum when I was about 7. My pony was being ridden in the Horse of the Year Show and we decided to make a weekend of it, going to watch the show and sightseeing around London. I think I was studying World War Two at school at the time so I was taken to the Imperial War Museum and we also had a tour of the HMS Belfast which was moored on the Thames.

We did a lot of exploring that weekend, riding an open topped bus around the city and taking in the major landmarks, and probably most memorable of all for me was a cruise down the River Thames.

Now, it's probably the most memorable simply because I was absolutely terrified of boats. A friend had shown me Titanic a year or so before and ever since then I was completely convinced that every boat I was going to go on was going to sink. I'm fairly sure I cried the whole way, which must have been god awful for the other passengers and really embarrassing for Mum but what can I say, I was scared.

Since I've got older however, I feel like I could quite successfully combat my fear of boats and try a Thames cruise again - after all it's such a unique way to view the city that I've come to call home, and the river itself is such an iconic landmark - I feel so privileged to live so close to it.

While a sightseeing cruise would be fun, what I really would love to do this year is go on an evening Thames River cruise. I love London in the evening so much - I'm forever getting nostalgic for last summer when Joseph and I first met. We'd spend long evenings outside in the sun, having a drink and putting the world to rights. We love the South Bank and the incredible atmosphere that seems to settle on the area once the sun comes out.

Discount London offer a huge variety of river cruises down the Thames, perfect for a date any time of the year, but I'm especially looking forward to going on one during the spring and summer months. I mentioned in this post earlier in the year that I've begun to love listening to jazz music, and I noticed that they do both lunch and evening meals accompanied by a jazz band - imagine cocktails over looking the London skyline, with the lights of the South Bank, your love by your side and your favourite music in the background.

I don't think it gets much better than that!

Do you have a favourite date night idea? Let me know in the comments below.

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