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Ok, we’ve all done it – we’ve looked in the mirror one morning and as if from nowhere our skin seems to have taken on a mind of it’s own. What we thought were casual crease marks from the pillow (because let’s face it, sleep will forever and always be bae) turn out to be actual fine lines and oh dear lord is that a wrinkle?!

Within the space of approximately ten minutes we’ve cried, frantically applied a face mask in the hopes that we can deep cleanse and exfoliate these monstrosities away, lamented that we’re turning into our mother much earlier than expected, eaten half a tub of Nutella on the kitchen floor in homage to Bridget Jones, and then quietly formed some kind of silent acceptance that well, this is just how it’s going to be from now on.

Currently my skin is going through this phase, while at the same time trying so hard to hang on to its pubescent memories by giving me a tasty little breakout round my mouth. I mean seriously, surely one is bad enough, why do I have to have both extremes at once? I resemble some kind of acne prone pensioner, and that’s about as attractive as it sounds.

As I am literally at my wits end, I’ve trawled the internet to find the best tips to staying ‘forever young’ in case you wanted some help too. I mean you probably don’t because you’re probably a gorgeous, sexy lil thanngggg with beautiful skin.

But y’know, just in case…


Sounds ideal right? Unfortunately, this isn’t an excuse to eat Dominos and Galaxy to your hearts content (dammit) so girl put down the chocolate and pick up the…walnuts?! Apparently, the kind of healthy fats commonly found in fish, walnuts and seeds can help to visibly reduce the signs of ageing by reducing inflammation in the body and boosting your body’s enzymes to pull fat out of “storage” around the body.

So, if I eat enough seeds each day, I can actually rid myself of those fine lines and lose some of the weight off my bum?! Perfecto!



Not only does a cheeky gym sesh give us all the endorphins, it can also help us to stay looking all young and fresh faced and like we might still get on as a child on the bus…as long as we don’t wear makeup and hide our tattoos *ahem*. Because exercise pumps blood around our body, it also pushes live cells living deep in the skin closer to the surface which gives us a younger and fresher complexion. I knew there had to be a good side to this exercise malarky somehow…


Finally, some good news! You know all that avocado on toast you’ve been instagramming eating? The fitness bloggers were right, it really does have its benefits! Not only does it taste amazing (especially with chilli flakes and a poached egg) it also contains essential fats that help to build up collagen which keeps the skin’s elasticity. Not one for smearing fruit and veg on my face, I haven’t tried this, but apparently it can work wonders being applied externally like a mask. If you try it, please take a picture and use #avocadoselfie so I can see :’)


Well, aren’t I just full of the good news today?! (Don’t worry, I hate me a little bit right now too). 

Not only does it rot your teeth, apparently sugar does a number on your skin as well. Through a process called glycation, excess sugar in the blood attaches itself to crucial elements of the skin such as collagen which accelerates the ageing process and causes wrinkly skin!


Giving your skin a natural boost is great, but ultimately we all need a little helping hand here and there. Finding the perfect range of anti-ageing skin care can be the first step to keeping your skin looking and feeling super young – there’s a reason these brands are all over our TV screens after all, and no, it’s not just down to clever marketing 😉 I like to keep my skin care collection to one brand wherever possible (read: whenever I can afford it) and this is where Neals Yard Remedies steps in with their fantastic range of anti-ageing products. Apply regularly and feel rejuvenated in no time!

So there we have it, five tips to a younger looking you – if you need it. Do you have any top tips to keep your skin looking fresh? Let me know in the comments.

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