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Following on from this post where I discussed 10 things I want for my next bedroom, I decided to make a little mini series for my blog this year where I can dump links that I want to save for my eventual move into my next flat in London, and at the same time show you lovely lot what items I’m coveting for my flat.

For me, the kitchen is an important part of any home. When I was younger, my Mum was adamant that we would eat our meals together as a family at the kitchen table, and therefore it became the central hub of our home. When we each got home from work or school, we’d spend our time in the kitchen talking about our day. At my current flat, our kitchen and living room area is open plan, again making it the central hub of our home where the three of us come to be sociable before spending our ‘alone time’ in our own rooms. Joseph’s flat doesn’t have a living room, so again the kitchen becomes the place he and his housemates gather.

You get the gist. Kitchen = sociable environment, and therefore for me it’s super important.

So what do I want for my kitchen?

  1. I love plants, and nothing makes me happier than having green spaces in my home. Right now, at the bottom of my bed I have an Ikea ‘mini greenhouse’ in the fireplace at the bottom of my bed filled with fake plants and it’s honestly one of my favourite aspects of my room. I’ve mentioned my obsession with the store Arbol House in my hometown, and I found this gorgeous hanging planter on their website this afternoon. 
  2. I also love the idea of having a letter board like this displayed on the kitchen wall. I figured it could have my shopping list/weekly menu to refer to in a quirky way, and it would look super cute surrounded by rose gold, marble and plant life. I am such a blogger cliche!
  3. I have been obsessed for a long time with Middle Eastern art and culture, and fell absolutely head over heels for these Moroccan tiles which would be perfect above the cooker! (I love how I’m planning even down to the tiles yet I haven’t even started looking for properties yet and the likelihood of me being able to make drastic changes to kitchen tiling in a rental property is slim to none however I digress…)
  4. Minimalism is a trend I love but sartorially I can’t quite manage to embrace it. I love my wardrobe of many items far too much, however I ADORE this minimalist style cutlery from Georg Jensen at Skandium – their quirky design is super cute and original and I love that it’s something you wouldn’t see in a lot of friends’ houses.
  5. Also from Georg Jensen at Skandium is this gorgeous kitchen clock. I’ve always loved statement clocks – I feel like sometimes decor itself is limited in the kitchen and really confined to the design of the kitchen itself so a pop of colour or a statement in the form of a handy time telling device is exactly the order of the day.

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This post is in collaboration with Skandium but all opinions are my own.


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