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There’s three things I really like to do in bed.
Well actually, there’s four if you count sleeping, and really five if you count something else – but take those two out of the equation and there are three PERFECTLY INNOCENT things I really like to do in bed.

The first is read, but you’ll know that already if you’ve watched my recent ‘What I Read in January’ video (shameless plug).

The second is to play the unlimited budget game. This essentially involves going onto Rightmove and choosing which property I would buy if I had an unlimited budget. For any curious cats out there, this  is currently my number one choice followed swiftly by this.

Thirdly, and much more affordable, I like to look at homeware. Forgive me, I know I probably sound about 80 years old but suddenly in the year I’ve lived away from home I’ve found myself getting seriously excited over thread count, the merits of different detergent, and of course planning how my first real flat will look.

By that, I mean the first flat I rent properly to myself in London that isn’t a flat share (or y’know, the first flat Joseph and I rent together. But let’s face it, I will be taking control of the decoration there…just don’t tell him that).

So this afternoon I thought I would link you to my Top 10 Things I Want For My Next Bedroom (because this bedroom has hideous magnolia walls and tbh there’s only so much money I can spend here, after all you can’t polish a turd as the famous saying goes….)


  1. I am going full out blogger cliche here, but I have always wanted a Diptyque candle and this Ambre scented candle is my number one choice. I’d love to have these on the bedside tables to give the room a gorgeous scent that lingers throughout the night and into the following day.
  2. This bed linen from The White Company. Nothing appeals to me more than crisp white bedsheets – I think subconsciously it reminds me of being in a hotel and therefore somehow I always seem to have a better nights sleep. Riddle me that. Oh and remember that thread count I mentioned above? These are 200 thread count Egyptian cotton and knock my budget Primark sheets right out of the water.
  3. I’m just full of it with the blogger cliches right now but…palm/plant print cushions. I want them everywhere but if I am super specific, I want a nice collection of throw pillows to add a bit of brightness to the room. While trawling Google the other day I came across these beauties from Redbubble (I have no idea either). 1 2 3 4 5.
  4. Lighting the room is super important to me – I like my bedroom to have a certain ambience if you will. By day, I like it to be a bright and airy space that I find energising and motivating, but by night I like to be able to subtly transform it to a much more cosy environment, therefore finding the perfect bedside lamps is crucial. My lamps of choice are these gorgeous concrete and copper lamps from Cox & Cox – they have a HUGE collection of table lamps however so if you don’t want to be quite as cliche as me you can view the full collection here.
  5. Continuing the lighting theme, I also love this pair of absolute beauties from Arbol House, a store local to my parent’s house in Chester. If you’re from that neck of the woods and like quirky homeware you totally need to pay them a visit – you will not be disappointed.
  6. Because I’m a total fangirl, I really want some The 1975 themed prints for my walls. Joseph is a massive film fan and therefore I know our walls will be filmed with film posters and iconic faces from old Hollywood, therefore to make my mark on the place I want to intersperse these with some images of my own. I’ve picked these three (1, 2, 3) from Etsy as they’re The 1975 themed without being too ‘I’m almost 25 and have my boyband crush on the wall’, but if I was after that vibe I’d totally pick this one too.
  7. Joseph bought a Himalayan salt lamp for his room a few weeks ago, and I can’t rave about it enough. Since we’ve had it lit the last week or so, I’ve noticed we’ve both slept a lot better and although it sounds crazy, the quality of the air is much improved compared to the rest of the flat  – you can pick one up here.
  8. As I mentioned above, reading is one of my favourite things to do in bed, however I would also like to create a reading corner in my room complete with fluffy bean bag, mood lighting and a never ending collection of Harry Potter merchandise. While perhaps the merchandise isn’t a possibility, the bean bag definitely is – you can buy my favourite one here.
  9. I’m cursed with a lack of good mirrors in my flat. I have no full length mirror which makes getting dressed interesting if I’m trialling a new outfit, but my main mirror for doing my makeup in – although large – isn’t well lit. I have dreams of a proper Hollywood style mirror such as this beauty to give me a well lit space in order to apply my makeup in the morning.
  10. Finally, my experiences with rental carpets really aren’t so great. Take my current room for example and the cream carpet that is currently an attractive shade of murky brown thanks to years of trampled dirt and the landlord’s refusal to get it cleaned or replaced. Hygienic huh? Chances are future rental carpets may be equally suspect, therefore the addition of a rug to hide questionable stains while brightening up the room is crucial – this one is my pick.

Do you have a homeware wish list or do any of the items above take your fancy? Let me know in the comments below. 

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