Gift Guide for Boyfriends

I’ve never done a post like this before, so I was a little nervous about actually putting it together, but I hope I’ve done a good job!

Today I thought I’d create a little gift guide for boyfriends – it is after all only a few weeks left until the big day and if you’ve not thought about buying your other half something special yet well, you’re kinda running out of time.

I figured I should probably say this before I get cracking on with the gifts: every item has been found on Not on the High Street, however I want to make it clear that in no way is this post a collaboration. Every single year without fail I get all of my stocking filler presents from this site as I genuinely think it is fantastic. The sheer volume of stuff you can get and for some incredible prices is what always drags me in – and I love how it’s making a name for the smaller brands too. 

These gifts are all intended (minus a few rather large ones) to be stocking fillers – I’d advise on “main presents” too only I think they’re such a personal thing and vary so much person to person that it would be impossible. So I’m afraid for that one you’re on your own. 

I’ve also tried to cater to different budgets with some cheaper items and some of a higher price. I’ve linked them all down below for you but if you’d like any more information please let me know in the comments. I think my favourites are definitely the Overindulgence Survival Kit for the morning after the night before, and the personalised leather wash bag.

Also I wish to apologise for the random arrows you may see taking up space on the product imagery – unfortunately my Photoshop cloning skills are not good enough to remove them from product photography. High five for crappy screenshots!

And without further ado lets get (Christmas) crack(er)ing!

Presents on a budget

Gift Guide for Boyfriends

1. Massage Miracle // 2. Chocolate Brussels Sprouts // 3. Personalised Drinks Measure Glasses // 4. The Spicy BBQ Man Box // 5. Chocolate Vinyl and Cassette Duo // 6. Overindulgence Survival Kit.

Medium priced gifts

Gift Guide for Boyfriends

1. Personalised Whiskey Barrel // 2. Monogrammed Lambswool Scarf // 3. The XL Man Box // 4. Custom Man Comb with Leather Case // 5. Leather Wash Bag

Pricey presents

Gift Guide for Boyfriends

1. Satchel // 2. Luxury Travel Tech Case // 3. Handmade Leather Weekend Holdall 

I hope you found my gift selections helpful – admittedly some of them could be suitable for Dad’s too so if you’re stuck for ideas for your old man you know where to look…

Christmas stocking icon courtesy of Norbert Kucsera from the Noun Project and coloured by yours truly. Christmas tree icon courtesy of Freepik here

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  1. Aqy Sdl
    December 10, 2016 / 8:54 am

    The idea of getting a travel tech case for a bf gift is so grand! I'll definitely look into getting that. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas ^_^ xo

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