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It’s here! It’s finally here! IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSS (think in the style of Slade) and I could not be more excited. I’m kinda writing this in the future and scheduling it because a girl gotta be with her family on Christmas Day so I’m not entirely sure what future me is doing right now.

I mean, this is going up in the afternoon so I would imagine that I’m either snuggled on the sofa watching a Christmas film with the family, or trying somehow to find room for that one extra Christmas chocolate, or even maybe we’re opening the last of the presents. I’ll be looking forward to Face Timing with Joseph as we’re not spending this Christmas together, and probably planning how I’m going to film and edit my ‘What I Got for Christmas’ video tomorrow (spoiler alert)

For today’s Blogmas post however, I’m going to share with you the top ten things I love the most about Christmas. I mean honestly, I could probably share 50 things or more that I adore about my favourite festive period, but we’ll leave it at 10 because you guys probably have some Christmas dinner or gifts and games to get back to…

  1. Family time. This is something that I’ve learned to appreciate more and more as I’ve got older. I think when I was younger it was more about Christmas itself, but now that I don’t live at home anymore, and for most of the year home is 354 miles away, spending an extended period of time with my family means the world to me. I would give anything to be able to go back to one of the Christmases when I was little and spend another with my Grandparents and the whole family again. 
  2. Food. I’m not a foodie person, and I never really have been, but there is always something so magical about Christmas food. I love all the flavours and the fact that it’s the one time of the year you can eat like an absolute pig and it’s still acceptable. This year I’ve got a yummy Quorn roast joint to have and I can’t wait! 
  3. Presents. Ok I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that presents were one of the things I love the most about Christmas but to be fair it isn’t just for selfish reasons. I love seeing my loved ones’ reactions to the gifts I’ve got them, as spending my money on others and seeing their happiness is one of my favourite things in the world!
  4. Atmosphere. I can’t think of a better word for this than atmosphere so I hope this makes sense – but what I mean by this is the cold outside and being able to see your breath, sitting in front of a warm fire with your family, the tastes and sounds and that infectious feeling that everybody seems to have at this time of year. It’s running around shops and frantically trying to find gifts, it’s the music in every shop, it’s Christmas drinks on Christmas Eve and everybody returning home from their various corners of the country so you bump into people you’ve not seen for years. It’s memories and making more, it’s traditions and founding new ones. 
  5. Harry Potter. Weird? Maybe, but every single year I re-read Harry Potter at Christmas and its one of my favourite traditions. Plus let’s face it, the films are on TV every single Christmas and I just love this. Right now, I’m typing this watching the 50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments and I am LOVING IT. 
  6. Decoration. Everything from the Christmas lights being switched on in town to putting up the Christmas tree, to decorating my desk at work, I LOVE decorating for Christmas and making everything feel festive, and I love the colours and textures and lights! Next year, hopefully Joseph and I will be decorating our first flat together, and this makes me so excited. 
  7. Vlogmas. I freakin’ love Vlogmas. I think my favourite one to watch is Sunbeamsjess as she just has so much enthusiasm and does the most fun things and I love watching what she gets up to. I’ll pretty much watch everyone’s Vlogmas videos though as I adore being nosy and seeing what everyone else does for the festive season. 
  8. Music. I know I did an entire post about Christmas music yesterday, but it really is one of the things I love most about this time of the year. I think it’s because really we only listen to it for about two months of the year so it feels really special, but the minute I first hear it coming out of the radio or in a shop I get serious goosebumps. 
  9. Films. I’m not including Harry Potter with these of course, I’m talking about the perfect feel good Christmas flicks. Think Elf, Love Actually, Santa Claus, The Grinch, Its a Wonderful Life – the ones that only come on in December (or August if you’re Channel 5) and it makes you excited for everything festive. 
  10. Rest and relaxation. I finished work for Christmas on 16th December this year, and I’m not back in the office until the 3rd January. Having so long away from work (despite the fact that I love my job) is a real treat – it means lie ins, good good, a chance to relax away from the crazy business of London – all the things you need to just recuperate ready for the new year. 

So there we go, 10 things I love most about Christmas! If you’re not too busy enjoying yourself, let me know in the comments below what your favourite things are about the festive season, we all know I’m nosy! 

I hope you’re having the most incredible Christmas – thank you all so much for tuning in every day for my latest blogmas posts – your encouragement and support has meant the world to me! I’m going to be having a break from LJLV now until January to recharge my creative batteries, but I will be checking in on Instagram and Twitter etc! 

All the love in the world <3

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