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So what you are looking at above is a picture of a picture of a picture. Confused? Me too…

I think I was just a matter of months old when I first sat on a horse. My Mum tells the tale of my auntie sitting me in front of her on the saddle and the two of us riding her horse round the field. When I was 1, I was being taught to ride properly on a pony the neighbours owned called Misty. When I was about one and a half, we loaned a pony called George. The most fantastic, wonderful pony to ever walk the earth. I fell off him when he slipped in the mud and broke my wrist a few months later so my Grandparents sent him back. I was inconsolable – then that Christmas, who should turn up in the family field for me?

My Grandparents bought me George as a Christmas and 2nd birthday present, and he was my best friend in the whole world until he died just before my 12th birthday. George taught me how to love, he taught me to ride, he taught me how to care for a horse, how to be responsible for a living creature. He was my rock through some of the hardest times in my life and he ignited a passion in me for riding that, although I haven’t actually ridden in a good few years now, will never actually go.

Today, I finally get to live out a childhood dream that has stuck with me since the first time I watched it on TV with my Granny when I was tiny. Olympia is an international horse show that takes place every December at Kensington Olympia – it showcases the top talent in international horsemanship with competitions and displays, plus the cutest dog agility classes, Shetland pony Grand National and more.

Every Christmas since I was a child I have sat and watched the Olympia coverage on BBC 1 and every single year I have dreamed and dreamed of going to the Sunday evening performance – the Christmas finale when Father Christmas rides out on his sleigh and everything is super damn festive. 

Tonight I get to go and omg am I buzzing for this! This will be my final festive outing in London before I go home tomorrow for Christmas, and I’m so pleased that it’s something that means so much to me. I won’t just be sat there with Jess tomorrow, I’ll be sat there with the memory of my Granny, and that is something so unbelievably special.

Do you have any childhood dreams that you’re going to make come true either this Christmas or in 2017? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure you’re following me on Bloglovin’ so you don’t miss out on any Blogmas posts.

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