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Saturday, 17 December 2016


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So my interaction on social media in general has been nothing if not thin on the ground this week - I've been full of some horrific cold/flu virus so I've honestly not even turned my laptop on since Tuesday. Luckily today I'm beginning to feel a little more human, so it's time to get back on top of Blogmas!

Today's post is all about my favourite Christmas spots in London - London is a beautiful city that captures my heart all year round but there is something exceptionally beautiful about it at Christmas. I've only lived here since March, so there is a lot left that I need to discover so I'm probably only covering the more well known areas here, but give me another 12 months and I'm sure I'll have something a little more juicy for you...

1. Winter Wonderland - taking over a huge percentage of Hyde Park each winter, Winter Wonderland is a massive attraction that draws in thousands of visitors every Christmas. Packed full of rides, Christmas market stalls, food, drinks and attractions, it's absolutely phenomenal. It's free to get into but be warned that the attractions themselves can cost quite a bit of money and I believe its mostly cash only, so make sure you come prepared!

2. Carnaby Street - this is the first year that I've really seen Carnaby at Christmas, but I believe from what others have said that it is renowned for it's quirky decorations. Carnaby is on the edge of Soho, and it has incredible vibes all year round, proudly flying the rainbow flag for pride and screaming slogans of love and acceptance. This Christmas isn't any different, with the theme continuing right through the festive period - I'd definitely recommend popping down and taking a look.

3. Liberty of London - while you're at Carnaby, there's no excuse not to check out the famous Christmas Shop on floor 4 at Liberty of London! Liberty is the most beautiful department store in the whole city - the building is a stunning maze of goodies featuring luxury brands from around the world, and the building itself is beautiful - all exposed wood and beams it reminds me of the Tudor buildings from my home town. The 4th floor gets turned into a festive wonderland each November, and for the last three years I've always visited to pick up a special present for Mum to hang on the tree. This year I was determined to make it the first festive thing I did, and I was so glad!

4. Harrods - not necessarily synonymous with Christmas, but there is something hugely magical about Harrods all year round. That said, I haven't actually visited the store since I moved into London and writing that now leaves me feeling quite shocked - I need to rectify this immediately! Harrods do however have the most stunning Christmas lights draped down the exterior of the building - it's a sight to behold and it's impossible not to feel full of festive cheer!

5. Oxford Street/Regent Street - the above image was taken on Regent Street a few weeks ago, and can we just take a minute to admire how beautiful the display is? These lights stretch all the way down Regent Street and onto Oxford Street too, to be joined by the beautiful lights outside Selfridges and the other major department stores. Joseph told me that they are apparently a replica of the original lights that were hung on the street for the first time many years ago - how cute?!

Do you have any favourite festive spots in your town? Let me know in the comments below! As ever, make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my latest Blogmas posts - next week we have another gift guide on the way, as well as a Christmas lookbook and more...

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  1. I definitely agree with you Lucy, those are probably the best few Christmasy spots in London. I'm a huge sucker for Winter Wonderland, but the whole cash only thing does get annoying.

    1. Doesn't it just?! I hate carrying cash too cos I always feel like it's more likely to get lost or stolen, and everything there is just so expensive!


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