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There is a very high chance this might be the worst gift guide post you ever read. I’m currently so full of cold/flu/the plague that it hurts to breathe let alone type but I don’t want to fall behind on Blogmas so here we are…

Ok so while I always find buying for my Mum the easiest out of everyone I buy for each year, I’m forever finding myself frustrated that I can’t afford to get her what she truly deserves. If I had the money I would shower her with everything she’s ever wanted – although when I do eventually become rich and famous this is exactly what I will end up doing. So for the time being instead, she gets the maximum that I can afford every year!

Also, I know it’s not how much you spend it’s the thought that counts, but Mum is the person I enjoy spending my money on the most!

For anyone struggling to figure out what to get their Mum for Christmas this year, I’ve teamed up with a few brands to bring you a gift guide for multiple budgets – plus a few favourites from around the web.

Christmas Gift Guide

Ok so some of these are on the pricier side, but please bear with me…

1. Karen Millen Earrings (I couldn’t find the link anywhere tonight but there are similar ones here) // 2. Storm Watches Alvara White // 3. Storm Watches Alvara Gold // 4. Karen Millen Bracelet (again, similar here) //

Christmas Gift Guide

Aside from the Jo Malone candle (but seriously who could resist?!) these items are at a much more affordable side of life (what even am I talking about? #fever)
1. Sex and the City – Complete Collection // 2. Mouw Mouw Triton Bracelet // 3. Jo Malone House Candle in Wood Sage & Sea Salt // 4. Mouw Mouw Piross Bracelet // 5. Pink Manicure Set //

Mouw Mouw have very kindly given me a discount code for you to use this Christmas if you fancy picking up some goodies for a loved one or for yourself! Simply enter mouw15 for 15% off!

Let me know if any of these items make it under your Christmas tree this year! Apologies again that today’s post was a bit of a let down, luckily tomorrow and Friday’s were written at the weekend when I actually felt alive and healthy

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This post was in collaboration with Task PR (Karen Millen & Storm products) and Mouw Mouw but all opinions are my own!

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