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Thursday, 1 December 2016


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Hey guys, and I guess this is a welcome to Blogmas. Which, when you think about it is quite frankly terrifying because 1) how the hell is it December already and 2) I'm actually embarking on daily blogging for the entire month including Christmas Day, New Year and everything in between. I know, I must be crazy.

While I'm sure it's not going to be easy, I'm doubly sure that scheduling is going to become my new best friend. I just hope I actually remember to tweet my posts out!

So, as this is an introduction to Blogmas, I thought I would begin with a little introduction to me for any new followers or even my old faithfuls, inspired by the wonderful Jemma of Dorkface, and her A to Z of Me post.

So without further ado:

A - Art. One of the most important things in my life and my favourite pastime (aside from reading)
B - Bananas. One fruit I absolutely cannot stand!
C - Chinese food. I am so allergic to it that it's not even a joke but it makes me sad because it tastes so good!
D - Dogs. I have 4 and I want a gazillion more because they are my favourite animal on the planet.
E - Enter Shikari. The first band I ever truly fell in love with and obsessed over. And still do to an extent. Take to the Skies is an incredible album to this day!
F - Freckles. My first doggy and still going strong at the grand old age of 15. I love Freckles more than anything else on this planet, he's my best friend in the world and I miss him so much when I'm not at home.
G - George. The name of my childhood pony who I had for 10 years and adored more than I can put into words. He reached an incredible age and taught me so much <3
H - Holly. My best friend, my sister from another mister and the only person who really, truly understands my sense of humour. #Gert
I - Irish Dancing. The hobby and sport that I have participated in since the age of 13 and that I am ridiculously obsessed with.
J - Joseph. That crazy haired, gorgeous, man of my dreams that I love to bits. Soppy I know, but I'm a lucky girl to have found someone as incredible as him to share my life with.
K - (The) Kooples. My favourite kinda high-street, kinda designer brand that would see me spending my entire monthly wage on their clothes if I didn't have so much control (lol).
L - London. The city that has stolen my heart, and that I dreamed of for most of my life. The place that I am lucky enough to now call home.
M - Matty Healy. The other love in my life and the man who I get an embarrassingly amount of my style inspiration from.
N - Nuala. The name of the main character in the book I was writing a few years ago. I decided to change it though as I thought people wouldn't be able to pronounce it and then the whole story fell apart.
O - Orla. My favourite girls name for many a year when my obsession with Irish names took hold (also see Ciomhe, Clodagh, Aoife, and Grainne). It's changed now but I'm not going to reveal it because that would be telling ;)
P - Pretty Little Liars. My current Netflix obsession (can we take a minute to discuss how ridiculously hot Caleb is please? Because I feel like this needs to happen.)
Q - Quality Street. My favourite Christmas chocolates (and in particular, the green triangle, the orange crunchy one, the orange creme and the strawberry!)
R - Rag Rag. The name I gave to my childhood comfort blanket (which I may or may not still sleep with) when I was little. I don't refer to it as that anymore though. Girl gotta grow up somehow.
S - Snape (always). I cry every time. EVERY DAMN TIME.
T - The 1975. My favourite band in the world and the source of a lot of my inspiration.
U - Underground. My biggest pet peeve from living in London is how people behave on the underground. YOU DON'T NEED TO RUN FOR THE TRAIN. THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE IN 2 MINUTES. Also please stop "accidentally" pressing your genitalia into my hand on a packed train. I don't appreciate it.
V - Vegetarian. I have been vegetarian for just over a year now and I am contemplating attempting a month of veganism in the new year to see how I cope.
W - Writing. An escape for me since I was old enough to hold a pen, writing has been my dream career for as long as I can remember.
X - Xenophilous Lovegood. A character in Harry Potter that I just couldn't sympathise with. Sure I get it, his daughter was in danger and he wanted to protect her but he just (to me) comes across as so damn cowardly.
Y - Yankee Candles. I just don't get the hype. I'm sorry.
Z - Zebras. Anyone remember that film Racing Stripes about the zebra? Yeah that film was responsible for many daydreams when I was little about having my very own zebra to ride.

And that about wraps it up for Day 1 of Blogmas! Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' if you haven't already to make sure you don't miss a post! Will you be doing Blogmas too? If so, leave me a link to your blog in the comments below, I'd love to check out your posts.

Catch you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 2 - bringing another of my outfits your way!

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  1. Such an awesome idea for a blog post. Totally gonna do something similar.
    Also ... you're allergic to Chinese food?!

    1. Thank you girly! Although I can't take full credit for it, I got it from the lovely Jemma :) You definitely should, I'd love to read it!

      Yes :( :( It's the bane of my existence. Every time I eat it I'm violently sick it's horrendous :( xoxo

  2. This is such a lovely idea for a blog post! It's such a nice way to get to know you. My favourite quality streets are the strawberry and orange cremes! My family hate them so I get to eat them all, such a win!! Looking forward to reading the rest of your Blogmas posts! It's my first year doing Blogmas and I'm so excited!xx

    1. See my Dad hates them but my Mum loves them so we tend to fight over them each Christmas haha! Luckily I seem to be the only one completely obsessed with the green triangles so I'm left to enjoy them on my own ;)

      I'll have to make sure to read yours too chick! I love getting stuck in to everyone's Blogmas posts! xox

  3. Good luck with Blogmas lovely, I look forward to reading the rest of your posts! The Kooples is my absolute fave shop ever too, I wish I could have everything from there without skinting myself :( x

    Always, Alice

    1. Thank you lovely! Tell me about it, the clothes are beautiful but the price tag kinda makes me want to cry!! xox

  4. I love this post! I've not read an A - Z of someone before :) x

    Ellé | Ellé Simpson

    1. Thank you lovely! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! xx

  5. This is such a great idea for a post- may have to give it a try x

    Eleanor Frances | UK Style Blog

    1. Thanks beaut! You definitely should, I look forward to reading it!! xo

  6. Love this to kick of blogmas! 4 doggies - I'm jealous!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. Thank you so much honey! Omg I miss them so much now I don't live at home anymore! I'm literally counting down the days until I go home to be reunited with them again (18 sleeps!!) xx

  7. Oooo! Congrats on taking the plunge and giving Blogmas a go. Really looking forward to seeing the content you'll be coming up with. I think it will be very different from what others do... Also, yes. Caleb on PLL is RIDICULOUSLY hot! You should also take a shot at going vegan. I swapped from vegetarian to vegan in early 2016 and haven't looked back. Easily the most rewarding decision of the year!

    xoxo - Kelly

    1. Thank you! I really hope so :)
      I'm going to spend the next month or so researching it so I know exactly what I need to be eating to ensure that my body gets everything it needs, but it's a switch I really want to try even if it's only for a little while to see if it's something I can do! xox

  8. Lovely post! Was really interesting to find out facts about you since I've just come across your blog. It's great btw!xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk


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