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Monday, 28 November 2016


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Anyone else completely not ready for Blogmas or is it just me? Honestly I keep looking at the calendar and seeing all the stuff I still need to do and then silently cursing myself for not keeping to my November schedule. If I'd have kept to schedule I'd be so prepared by now, but as it is I still need to pre-film two videos, do about a gazillion shoots, prep three gift guides, and do a post about vegetarian Christmas dinners (spoiler alert) despite being the least culinarily inclined person to walk the planet. 

I know, I'm screwed. I did manage to root out my old Wacom Bamboo tablet when I was home at the weekend however, so that bad boy has made the trip to London with me and is going to be making graphic-y things SO much easier, I can tell you. 

I thought I'd do a quick outfit post for you guys today, just to show you some of the items I'm practically living in at the moment. Tis the season for all things oversized and this beautiful specimen of a sweatshirt is comin' at you from Missguided. It is SO cosy and so comfortable and I feel myself reaching for it most weekends as something easy to throw on, especially as the weather is finally starting to feel wintery down in London. 

Momma bought me this skirt as part of my Christmas present back in October when she came to visit me, and although I don't wear it as often as I'd like (simply because I don't always know how to style it) I do absolutely adore it. I have an annoying thing where my waist is absolutely tiny but my arse is growing by the day, therefore this skirt does have a habit of a) riding up when I walk and trying to expose my underwear and b) twisting round constantly which gets a little frustrating, however it's damn beautiful and I kinda feel all the spaceman vibes when I wear it so we can forgive it. 

Finally, my leather jacket of dreams and favourite Public Desire long boots made another appearance - I love these boots so much for how they elongate my legs and actually make them look slim. Plus they stop me looking about 2 foot tall as well so all the points to them. 

Jacket: The Kooples | Sweater: Missguided | Skirt: Zara | Boots: Public Desire

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  1. Ah you always look amazing!!!
    That skirt would look absolutely dreamy with some fishnet tights.
    (that sweatshirt is amazing too - missguided really upping their game lately.) xx

    1. Thanks girl!! I actually bought some this week that I can't wait to wear for the first time!! xo


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