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Tuesday, 4 October 2016


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I feel like I'm going to surprise everyone with this outfit which, for once in my life, is not entirely made up of black. This skirt is actually one of my Christmas presents from Mum (as is the leotard/bodysuit I'm wearing with it) and it's reminding me pleasantly of the video Enter Shikari made for 'We Can Breathe In Space (They Just Don't Want Us To Escape)' in which the band dress head to toe in space suits made entirely of kitchen instruments covered in tinfoil.

I also have silver shoes to wear with it but I'm saving those for another post. Think of it as a kind of '3 ways to wear...' series if you wish.

I was quite disappointed to see that the leotard said '1987' on it. I mean if you're going to use a font reminiscent from Back to the Future you're seriously missing a trick if you don't emblazon 1955 across the front of it, but I don't think Zara would take too kindly to my informing them of this. I always find Zara quite hit or miss for me with my style - normally I walk in there and literally cannot find a single thing that I want. This time however I was only going in to look for winter coats (coat of choice worn below but another post entirely dedicated to the little beauty will be arriving shortly) and ended up wanting to purchase the entire shop.

I love this skirt so much though - I feel like I'm all about adding a little statement piece to my outfits at the moment whether that comes in the form of monstrously large sunglasses or in this case, the most vibrant (faux) leather skirt you ever did see. It is testing my confidence a little when I wear it out and about, for someone who is so used to blending in with the background by wearing entirely black, it's a bit off putting to suddenly catch people staring at you in the street when they catch sight of your skirt but I'm trying to find this a positive experience rather than a negative one.

In an effort to look really cool and 'edgy blogger' I teamed them with my new winter boots, however I'm a little concerned the overall effect turned out more 'Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman before the makeover'. Thoughts?

How would you style a statement skirt like this, I'd love to hear your ideas!

UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger
UK Fashion Blogger



  1. I absolutely love this outfit. You make Back to the Future very fashionable!

    The Crown Wings


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