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Saturday, 15 October 2016


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Ok so here's the thing guys. I'm in love. And not just with my boyfriend. 

I mean I'm massively in love with my boyfriend. 


I honestly can't get enough of it. I feel like this is basically my reaction to my Kooples trousers all over again only worse because I never ever want to take this off. And it smells so good. And it has little skulls on the pockets and just all the heart eyes ever!

I kinda feel like I'm basing all my outfits around this jacket at the moment, and I think maybe it's because it's finally the perfect temperature to wear leather without either being too cold or alternatively sweating so much that trying to take it off becomes a scene reminiscent to that Friends episode with Ross and his leather trousers. 

FYI: talc does not work. 

I think this jacket is probably the most extravagant purchase I've ever made - aside from my laptop. It's definitely the most extravagant clothing purchase I've ever made and I got a significantly large discount as well as I bought it from Bicester Village, but it's worth every single penny. I adore designer items and enjoy shopping for them even more, but it makes me sad sometimes when I see them on blogs or on YouTube channels and just realise how unobtainable that is for me and my current finances

I'd been after a Kooples leather jacket for honestly years before I got this and I'm still so grateful to my friend Fran for suggesting the trip to Bicester and me stumbling across it in their store. Being able to actually afford to purchase the item I'd been dreaming of for years is a stand out moment to me from this summer and it kinda made me realise how far I've come both in my life and in my career that I was in that position in the first place

Sometimes people do judge those with lots of designer stuff, and I've been guilty of it when I was a lot younger too because I just didn't understand that sometimes it's not about the label, it's about the work that went into being able to afford that bag or dress or pair of shoes. 

Do you have any designer items that you're lusting after? What was your first designer purchase? Let me know in the comments below. 

(This post was in no way a collaboration with either Bicester or The Kooples (I wish) it really was just me fangirling over both the jacket and the experience of buying it) 

UK Fashion Blogger 
UK Fashion Blogger 
UK Fashion Blogger 
UK Fashion Blogger 
UK Fashion Blogger

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