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Friday, 28 October 2016


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How to have the perfect Halloween night in. 

It's not every day that an absolutely giant black box with a red bow turns up at your office, so you can imagine my excitement when that exact scenario occurred last week. I'm not kidding, I actually think it was half the size of me, and it caused quite the excitement when I opened it (and a lot of explaining to people as to why exactly HMV had sent me a box of Halloween goodies).

This year, Joseph and I are electing to spend Halloween night at home, in bed, surrounded by horror movies, so this couldn't have come at a better time! The very generous folk at HMV provided us with everything we could possibly need to make this Halloween go with a bang including a selection of DVDs, Halloween makeup, yummy cocktails, popcorn and a ton of sweeties, candles and the most gorgeous bunting I've ever seen in my life that will absolutely 100% be up year all year round.

UK Lifestyle Blogger
UK Lifestyle Blogger
UK Lifestyle Blogger

I thought that, since I'd been sent the perfect Halloween goodies that I would put together a post all about throwing the best Halloween night in this year - this is perfect if funds are a little tight or you're not the biggest fan of rooms full of strangers dressed in scary masks like me.

1. Movies. Now this seems completely obvious but picking the wrong horror movie for your movie marathon could start the night off on the wrong foot! We received Hocus Pocus* which is quite possibly the best Halloween classic ever, and The Exorcist* (which I'm ashamed to say I've never actually seen before) to get us started - consider what kind of scary movies you like best and have a look at the HMV website where they have some absolute classics for you to take home!

2. Decoration. In an ideal scenario, I'd love to go all out with decorating with fake cobwebs everywhere and things jumping out at you from dark corners however this year we are definitely on a budget. Our candles and balloons from HMV go really well with Joseph's mostly black room and give just the right hint of spooky - the perfect way to build a tense atmosphere when you're watching those scary movies. Halloween doesn't always have to be scary though - you could choose cute plush pumpkins and friendly ghosts too.

3. Drink. Whether you drink alcohol or if you're more of a soft drinks fan, choosing the perfect beverage for your movie night is crucial - after all there's nothing more annoying than having to pause the film at a tense moment to go swap your drink for something else!

4. Snacks. A key element of any movie night, but for Halloween I always reach for chocolate and more chocolate - maybe I'm still channelling my kiddie excitement at trick or treating but I always feel that a Halloween without chocolate is a Halloween wasted.

5. Costume. This is of course optional, I mean this Monday I will be firmly encased in pjs and a duvet rather than any kind of scary costume, however if I were to dress up I definitely think I'd be going as Harley Quinn (original) or some sort of zombie. (How creative of me).

If you're looking for the perfect movies for your Halloween night in, click here.

Do you have any Halloween essentials? How will you be celebrating this year? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to show me your costumes on Twitter!

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This post is in collaboration with HMV, however all opinions are my own!
UK Lifestyle Blogger
UK Lifestyle Blogger
UK Lifestyle Blogger


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