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Morning you lovely lot.

Please do not let this image fool you – I am currently sat in Joseph’s bed watching Sunday Brunch with a coffee while he sorts out the washing and we contemplate what to wear this afternoon at LFW. #couplegoals.

This weekend I’m exhausted. For those of you who are new to LJLV, you won’t know that I used to be a competitive Irish dancer for 10 years – I quit at the end of 2014 because work got so busy and I couldn’t dedicate the time I needed to for practice, and I struggled to get to training 40 miles away each day, but ever since I quit I’ve missed it more than anything. When I moved to London I decided to search for Irish dance schools in my local area and I was delighted to discover the amazing McGahan Lees Academy of Irish Dance did classes just down the road!

They’re an amazing school with an incredible reputation so of course I signed up, and joined them at the start of September for their new term. Yesterday I accidentally turned up an hour and a half early and ended up joining in an earlier class which essentially meant that I danced for an hour and a half non stop which, considering my ridiculously poor level of fitness after doing no exercise for 2 years, may or may not have half killed me. 

I haven’t tried standing up yet today, but I’m 99% certain I’ve seized up from the waist down so things could get interesting.

This week has been quite busy on my blog! I’ve managed to upload two outfit posts which is an achievement and a half considering I’m the laziest blogger known to mankind and yesterday I also uploaded my video about the coil to my YouTube channel. Make sure you check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you’re at it. 

Today is LFW – I’ll be out and about spotting the coolest street style I can find as well as potentially filming a new lookbook which will be fun – I’ve not filmed one in a while. 

This week is going to be a busy one – Joseph won us tickets to see Alicia Keys at the iTunes Festival in London on Tuesday, and last night he also found out he’d won tickets to my favourite band, The 1975, on Monday night so as I’m sure you can imagine I am incredibly excited! Joseph goes away to film again on Thursday and Momma Love is coming down to visit me in London on Saturday for the first time – I can’t wait!

I hope you’re all having fabulous weekend <3

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