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Sunday, 11 September 2016


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Hello you lovely lot. 

I've decided to bring back the Sunday post to LJLV this week, and I'm fully intending on making this a weekly thing. I used to do it back when I first started blogging, and it was a nice way to recap on my week, figure out what I've been doing, what I achieved and to set myself some goals for the week ahead. It was also a nice way of having a chat with you all, and getting things off my chest that were bothering me. 

Today I waved Joseph off at the train station, he's going away for a week to film in Portugal which is exciting and I couldn't be more proud of him but I won't lie, I was a little sad to see him go. I fully intended to get home and get my room tidied at the flat as I've let it get a little messy this last week or so. I seem to be spending more and more of my time at Joseph's at the moment, meaning I actually spend very little time at home and therefore when I do come back mid week it's usually just to drop some clothes off and pick up others before heading back to his.  Instead of doing what I wanted however, I stopped off at the shop and spent a fiver on junk food that I didn't actually want, and I've taken myself back off to bed. I'm a little annoyed at myself, however my mood has been very low this last few days which I'm blaming entirely on coming off the pill and having the coil fitted, which I wrote about on Thursday and which you can read about here

This week I'm determined to exercise more and spend more time with friends. I've recently started dancing again which is making me very happy, however I'm so far out of my routine with it that I'm struggling to motivate myself to actually get to classes in the first place. I'm hoping that going after work on Wednesday will help keep me motivated for Saturday's class next weekend! I also need to decide on an outfit for London Fashion Week - once again I chickened out of actually applying for any shows but I do love to go and take street style shots and see what everyone is wearing, so next Sunday I will be making my way to Brewer Street again to admire the weird and wonderful fashion. 

I think this week will be a busy week in work as my boss is back in after a week or so out of the office, so therefore my nights will be filled with good food and TV. Tonight I fully intend to start Pretty Little Liars and see if it lives up to the hype. 

What do you have planned for the week ahead? Let me know in the comments below. 



  1. I hope you loooooove PLL!! It's so good. The coil will be worth it, you're so strong! And London Fashion Week sounds like a dreeeeam. I much prefer street shots personally, they have a little more grit to them haha :)


    1. Omg I am so hooked! I've found myself staying up way later than I normally would just to fit a few more episodes in before sleep haha! Thank you doll, I'm starting to feel better on it now almost a week in so I have high hopes for the future with it, I just hope it doesn't fall out >.<

      I'm looking forward to it, although this is the last time I'm going just for street style, next season it's shows or not at all! I need to give myself a kick up the ass and start applying! xx


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