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Please excuse the horrific selfie but this was basically the only image I could find on my computer that wasn’t a regurgitated outfit shot that I’ve used a billion times. Anyway hi, I’m LJ, and I turned 24 last week. That fact alone makes me want to sob into my pillow at night and try to kid myself that I’m still the tender age of 20 but alas I am not.

To try and celebrate turning 24 and basically make myself feel a little bit better, I decided to put together 24 ~entertaining facts about me.

Disclaimer: I’m actually not that interesting so this could be fun…

1) I love my dogs more than anything else in the world ever. Ever. EVER.
2) I have an unhealthy obsession with Matty Healy from The 1975 and I would actually marry the man in a heart beat.
3) I proposed to him on Twitter this year on the last day of February. He didn’t reply.
4) I work in social media and it’s fun as hell.
5) I just moved to London from the North and man am I LOVING.IT.
6) I have a penchant for sportswear despite the fact that I never actually go to the gym.
7) I have never and will never grow out of my emo phase.
8) I still sleep with my comfort blanket from when I was a baby and I will continue to do this probably until I’m dead.
9) I also sleep with several stuffed toys when Michael isn’t around. I’m not ashamed.
10) I am hopeless with budgeting and my personal finance. I will always justify buying something new and will live to regret it when I can’t afford to eat the last week before payday.
11) The Central Line at rush hour is my new least favourite thing.
12) Followed quite quickly by the Northern Line.
13) I have the worst vomit phobia ever.  I cannot see vomit in the street, on TV, in real life or be sick myself without having severe panic attacks. Every time I am sick I end up in hospital because my body can’t control it so now I have some funky PTSD thing going on and it’s RUINING MY LIFE GUYS.
14) I have the best group of friends in the whole wide world.
15) I quit smoking for 3 years and then accidentally started again and now I can’t stop thinking about cigarettes.
16) I’m currently binge watching Breaking Bad and I think I’m getting a weird crush thing on Jesse.
17) I hate cooking.
18) I have a really skewed perception of my body and what it actually looks like which gives me a lot more stress than is necessary.
19) My boobs are getting bigger and I LOVE it.
20) I cannot deal with life without a book on the go. At the moment I’m reading ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ and just omfg.
21) I really, really need a holiday.
22) I’m going home for Easter and I’m so stupidly excited for puppy cuddles.
23) My entire wardrobe basically consists of black, grey and a tiny bit of white thrown in.
24) I’m vegetarian.

Hope that was somewhat interesting for you lovely folk! I’m going to go binge watch some more Breaking Bad with Michael and celebrate the fact that tomorrow evening marks the start of the first Bank Holiday of the year and therefore ALL OF THE SLEEP.
Catch you on the flipside.



  1. Hannah Lucy
    March 26, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    Breaking Bad is the best and I love that you proposed to Matt on Twitter hahah!www.ohjanuary.co.uk

    • Lucy-J
      March 26, 2016 / 11:14 pm

      I couldn't resist. Not sure what I'd have done if he'd said yes though haha me and Michael would have been having a VERY awkward conversation :') xo

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